Lesbian Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick told by homophobes she will ‘burn in hell’ for having a baby

Lesbian Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick (right) with her wife Kate Brooks at the DIVA Magazine Awards at the The Waldorf Hilton, Aldwych, London

Lesbian Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick has received a torrent of homophobic abuse for posting a picture of her 10-week-old baby.

Hardwick has starred as Vanessa Woodfield on the soap since 2012, and came out publicly as gay in 2013.

In 2019, she married Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks, and the couple welcomed their baby Edward on 9 October this year.

On Friday (18 December), Hardwick shared an adorable photo of her 10-week-old baby on Instagram practicing “tummy time” in front of their Christmas tree.

Shortly afterwards, however, she took to Twitter to reveal some of the hateful comments she’d received in response.

An Instagram user wrote: “Is that kid even biologically yours? I hope you will allow him to see his father.

“If not, you are a cruel and selfish person, and you shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas.”

Despite Christmas traditionally being a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the commenter continued: “Christmas is all about Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve.”

They continued: “I’m okay with rug munchers whom [sic] keep too [sic] themselves, but I draw the line when kids are involved.

“Sicko. Please repent. Your behaviour is not normal and it goes against God. You will burn in hell on judgement day.”

The user then followed up with yet another comment that read: “I mean… Imagine your life without a father! Not nice is it. Cruel, you are cruel.”

The lesbian Emmerdale star posted screenshots of the comments, and wrote: “This charming post came as a response to a picture of our beautiful son. It’s 2020. Just be kind.”

Fans were outraged, with one writing: “Your son is growing up in a loving home there is nothing more any child want or need. Merry Christmas to you, your wife and your gorgeous son.” 

Queen of daytime TV Lorraine Kelly responded: “Oh Michelle, I’m so sorry. This is truly vile.

“Please don’t let these bigots get to you – this sort of prejudice and abuse used to make me so angry but now I feel sorry for them – imagine being so, so full of hate and bile.

“Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful wife and baby.”