Dustin Lance Black slams ‘homophobic’ press over Christmas baby photo

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black

Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has criticised the tabloid media for their  response to him and husband Tom Daley posting a photo of their son in a paid partnership with Pampers.

Black and Olympic diver Daley both shared a photograph of their six-month-old son Robbie on their Instagram profiles to promote the nappy company’s products on Saturday (December 22).

A number of tabloid publications, including The Sun and the Mirror Online, subsequently published articles blasting Daley and Black for “using” their baby to sell nappies.

Dustin Lance Black blasts “oft-homophobic” UK tabloids

However, Black has now taken to Twitter to condemn the press for siding with those who were critical of the paid partnership.

“I was heartened when a major family brand asked us to be their 1st two-father-family reps,” he wrote.

“It felt like progress. Sad to see some jump on an ‘outrage’ train manufactured by oft-homophobic UK tabloids.

“I will keep my ire aimed at those who actively exclude our LGBTQ families.”

Dustin Lance Black on Twitter

Dustin Lance Black hit out at the tabloid press on Twitter. (DLanceBlack/Twitter)

Black and Daley welcomed their son, who was born using a surrogate, earlier this year after announcing they were expecting their first child in February.

In an Instagram post on Saturday (December 22), Black posted a photo of him and Daley with their son in front of a Christmas tree as part of the paid partnership with Pampers.

“Sad to see some jump on an ‘outrage’ train manufactured by oft-homophobic UK tabloids.”

—Dustin Lance Black

“Our first family Christmas,” the 44-year-old Milk screenplay writer said. “Having Robbie with us this year is a dream come true, and we can’t wait to subject him to every one of our many family traditions!!

“Over the past many months and in the run up to Christmas we’ve been using the Pure Protection nappies from @Pampersuk_ire to keep Robbie comfortable.

“When the weather gets cold, it can irritate skin, and The Pure Protection nappies, made with premium cotton and plant based materials, are kind to his skin and soft to the touch. Perfect for snuggles by the Christmas tree

Daley posted a similar photo and caption to Black.

Tom Daley wedding

Daley, 24, revealed he was dating US screenwriter Dustin in 2013.

The pair married at Bovey Castle in Devon in May 2017.

Although some people criticised the couple for featuring their son in a sponsored post on social media, many commented with positive messages about the family.

“Enjoy these moments! Time flies when you are having fun and boy does it fly when you have kids,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Merry Christmas to you Tom and your precious baby!”

One person added: “Beautiful Family.”

“Congrats both of you inspiring family,” another wrote.