Donald Trump eviscerated by lesbian niece Mary for ‘orchestrating’ US Capitol white supremacy riots

Mary L Trump, niece of the US President

As violent white supremacists attacked the US Capitol, and democracy itself, on Wednesday (6 January), Mary Trump called out her uncle for ‘orchestrating’ the insurrection.

An armed, extremist mob of Donald Trump supporters breached the US Capitol, storming the rotunda and breaking into the Senate chamber to fire tear gas at senators in a bid to overturn the US election result as the Electoral College votes were counted by Congress.

The election has now been certified by Congress as a win for Democratic president-elect Joe Biden and his vice president-elect Kamala Harris.

The pro-Trump rioters descended on the Capitol on the president’s instructions, moving from the “March to Save America” to the seat of the legislative branch of the US government, violently breaching the complex while holding Confederate flags, tearing down four layers of security fencing and fighting federal police.

Four people were killed during the riots – one woman was shot by police, while three others died as a result of “medical emergencies”, officials said. Fourteen police officers were injured.

As the terrifying chaos was unfolding, the lame duck president’s lesbian niece Mary Trump took to Twitter to call out her uncle for his role in the attack.

“Make no mistake, the so-called leader of our country, who swore to protect and defend the Constitution, directed a horde of white supremacist domestic terrorists to stage a coup to overturn a legitimately decided election,” she said.

“He isn’t just encouraging them, he IS them. #traitor.”

As the riots continued, she added: “Why are these f**king traitors not being held at gunpoint, handcuffed, and arrested

“It’s not a mystery – this was allowed to happen.”

Hours after the Capitol riots began, the president finally made a video statement via Twitter, which has since been removed by the social media platform, in which he told the extremists: “We love you, you’re very special.”

Mary Trump responded: “Pouring gasoline on the fire under the guise of pretending to put it out. None of his statements should be aired.”

As well as criticising her uncle, she denounced the “abject failure of the DC police force” in combatting the riots, and added that “every seditionist House member who supported and encouraged this attempted coup needs to be expelled”.

She finished by pointing out the dangers of the riots in relation to coronavirus, writing: “3,963 people died from COVID today.

“The insurrection, orchestrated by Donald, was also a super-spreader event.”