Cadbury’s Creme Egg advert starring gay couple sharing a gooey treat has homophobes bursting with rage

While the scene lasted for just a few seconds, it nonetheless trigged an entirely-predictable wave of homophobic anger online.

The internet is getting predictably worked up over a new Cadbury’s Creme Egg advert that features a gay couple.

The new Creme Egg advert, released last week, features real-life gay couple Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran sharing an intimate moment, with Sterling biting the chocolate treat in half in the mouth of his partner – leading to a gooey explosion.

While the scene lasted for just a few seconds, it nonetheless trigged an entirely-predictable wave of homophobic anger online.

While the Creme Egg advert received a positive response when it was first unveiled last week, a surge of abuse arose after the advert was breathlessly reported on by the Daily Mail.

Creme Egg advert critics: ‘I’m not homophobic, but…’

On Sunday (10 January), as a fresh blanket of snowflakes enveloped the UK, one self-described “full Brexit” supporter raged on Twitter: “What The F**ks Going On? No Wonder Kids & TeensAre Confused During Puberty!”

Cracking out the old classics, another vented: “I am not homophobic but I just think the new Cadbury egg advert to be shown on ITV is totally unnecessary.

“Showing two men passionately enjoying a creme egg that children love to eat will only confuse children as such a young age. Why??”

Another Twitter user complained: “Dear @CadburyUK, just to let you know that your Creme Egg advert featuring gay men is wholly inappropriate. I do not believe that you would do this with a heterosexual couple, but it seems homosexuality has to be promoted far more explicitly. Go woke, go broke. An ex-customer.”

The Mail‘s comment section was likewise flooded with more than 2,000 largely-angry messages about the ad.

Daily Mail readers are apoplectic about gay people existing on TV.

One highly-rated commenter, seemingly upset that the world includes people who aren’t straight and white, vowed: “If Cadburys persist in woke advertising then we won’t be buying anything made by them ever.”

Another reader appeared unaware that gay couples are allowed to live together, fuming: “Really inappropriate for cadburys to be promoting this given that we are in times of covid-19”.

Creme Egg: Gay couple share Cadbury's Creme Egg

Gay couple share Cadbury’s Creme Egg in new advert. (YouTube)

Meanwhile, an avid TV watcher insisted that they are not homophobic, but in fact morally opposed to relationships of any kind being depicted on television.

They wrote: “I don’t have a problem with a person’s sexuality (as long as it’s legal and consensual) and that I don’t want whatever that sexuality is played out in my home through my tv by actors or anybody else, thank you very much.”

Thankfully, no TV drama has ever before featured a kiss between two people, thus allowing Mail readers everywhere to sleep soundly inside their chastity garments until now.

As one Twitter user pointed out: “People losing their minds over two men kissing over a creme egg but have no problem with a woman cheating on her husband with an M&M?”

Another quipped: “A lot of people think this Creme Egg thinkgis a big laugh, but I was 100% straight this morning, then I ate a Creme Egg and since then I’ve had sex with 37 men! In a pandemic! Cadbury’s are playing with people’s lives, it’s just not funny unless you’re SICK in the HEAD.”

Cadbury’s is yet to respond to the tidal wave of trolling, though the company appears to have disabled likes and comments on the ad on YouTube to avert a flood of abuse.