Creme Egg advert’s real-life gay couple expertly shut down homophobes who can’t handle two men kissing on TV

While the scene lasted for just a few seconds, it nonetheless trigged an entirely-predictable wave of homophobic anger online.

The star of a new Creme Egg advert has spoken out in response to a tidal wave of homophobic abuse.

An ad for the seasonal snack released last week features real-life gay couple Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran sharing an intimate moment, with Sterling biting the chocolate treat in half in the mouth of his partner.

An entirely-predictable wave of homophobic anger followed, with miscellaneous internet bigots raging that the Creme Egg advert was too explicit for TV and would “confuse children”.

Meanwhile, supporters rushed to point out that people had no issue with other sexualised chocolate ads that have depicted women fellating Flake bars and having affairs with M&Ms.


Star of Creme Egg advert responds to homophobic trolls.

The point was not lost on Callum Sterling, who responded in an Instagram post.

He wrote: “So it’s OK when an advert sexualises a woman… to benefit the male gaze and make other women feel inadequate if they do not live up to this beauty standard.

“But it’s not OK, in 2021, to have an advert of a multi racial (strike one) gay couple (strike two) on your screens for 10 seconds (strike three) eating/kissing/sexualised (strike four). Does anyone see how ridiculous this is? Like actual LOL.”

He added: “I’m so so happy that @dalekcreative and I ended up being the faces for this moment as I’ve been in the dance industry for 11 years full time and let me tell you, THAT, alongside living in London as well as being an out queer and proud human is enough to make my skin so thick that I genuinely don’t feel once ounce of hurt from any negative comments being put out into the world as a result of the advert with @cadburyuk that we shot a few weeks ago.

“I’m super happy this has all happened. The love we have received totally outweighs the fear based negative comments. Makes me proud to live in the UK and to have so much love in my life.”

Trolls ‘wouldn’t complain so much if it was beautiful women’.

He added: “The only way for people to get used to it is to normalise it, and how else to normalise than by seeing it on your screens.

“And let’s be honest, I’m sure there would be half as many complaints if it was two ‘beautiful’ cisgender hetero looking caucasian women.

“Get your act together world. Y’all are as hypocritical and uneducated and bizarre as Donald Trump. Not all of you, but some of you.”

Sterling quipped: “I’m off to find a woman to experiment with because all of those hetero based visuals that were forced upon me as a child have left me confused and unsure about my sexuality, damn maybe I’ll end up straight?!”

His partner Dale K Moran added: “Although it shocks me mine and @callumsterling relationship is seen as progressive we are proud to wave the flag for the LGBTQIA+ and BAME communities.”