Jason Derulo apologises after hacked Twitter message calling James Charles a ‘sexy juicy f****t’

(L) Jason Derulo smiles in a motorcycle jacket. (R) James Charles looks to the camera in a tuxedo.

Jason Derulo apologised after his Twitter account was hacked, launching a tirade of homophobic, racist and misogynistic tweets.

Jason Derulo’s 3.8 million Twitter followers were alarmed Tuesday (12 January) when his account posted a string of disturbing, since-deleted messages, including a barb directed at makeup guru James Charles: “Shake sum ass, you sexy juicy faggot.”

It soon became clear it was the work of hackers, who also doused his timeline with transphobic hate as they claimed to have taken control of Megan Thee Stallion’s account in a message packed with sexist and transphobic slurs.

Hackers also uploaded screen captures of Derulo’s direct messages to celebrities, including Imogen Heap. Other messages that went out during the hour-long hack included the N word as well as other offensive slurs.

After appearing to regain control of his account, the “Take You Dancing” singer tweeted: “Sorry, y’all.

“Obviously my account was hacked today.”

Who hacked Jason Derulo’s Twitter account?

The surreal saga that played out on Jason Derulo’s Twitter saw the hackers name themselves as the “Chuckling Squad” in a series of jumbled, often non-sensical tweets.

“All celebs that were hacked were Chuckling Squad, labelled or not, it was us, no one else can do it,” a tweet posted on Derulo’s account by the hackers stated.

“Just how we smoked Addison Rae Dixie, anyone you can think off [sic] our victims #chuckling.”

The Chuckling Squad is a hacker collective that has launched a volley of cyberattacks against James Charles, Mariah Carey and even Twitter boss Jack Dorsey in the last year.

Alongside celebrities, the collective has also targeted top British police agencies, such as London’s Metropolitan Police.

Their playbook often sees members hijacking high-profile, verified accounts through SMS exploits to breach accounts, allowing members to spew profane, racist and antisemitic messages, usually directed at celebrities, as well as conspiracy theories.