Amazing LGBT+ Valentine’s Day cards with inclusive flags, pop culture icons and more

A Valentine's Day card featuring icon Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek

Valentine’s Day is coming up so you might want to start thinking about getting a card for your favourite LGBT+ person.

If you’re after an LGBT+ themed card for your partner(s) then there’s loads to choose from online. This includes those from independent queer sellers, so you’ll be supporting members of the community while shopping.

We’ve rounded an eclectic mix which feature pop culture icons to rainbows to inclusive flags below to help you find the perfect card in time for 14 February.

What’s the best way to tell someone you love them on Valentine’s Day? With a big gay rainbow card of course. This ‘I’m Gay For You’ card below featuring a smiley rainbow is available for £2.99 on Amazon here.

The 'I'm Gay For You!' Valentine's Day card

The ‘I’m Gay For You!’ Valentine’s Day card. (Amazon)

Or you can get this other rainbow card which says ‘Happy Valentine’s Gay’ to tell your partner you love them, while also scaring the straights into thinking we’re hijacking the 14 February and wanting to change the name of the day to ‘gay’. It’s available from Amazon for £2.99 and you can get it here.

The Happy Valentine's Gay card

The Happy Valentine’s Gay card. (Amazon)

If you want a Valentine’s Day card featuring the inclusive Pride flag then this one below comes from The Queer Store on Etsy. It’s priced a little over £3 and the store also does versions featuring the lesbian flag and bisexual flag so you can take your pick for whatever best suits you and your partner.

Pride flag Valentine's Day card

Pride flag Valentine’s Day card. (Etsy/The Queer Store)

The store also has a number of pop culture icon themed cards including Cher, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Sarah Paulson and Schitt’s Creek’s Moira Rose, bébé. Plus there’s loads of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni fronted-cards like Trixie and Katya, Bianca Del Rio and Latrice Royale as well as one with the slogan, ‘Will you be my Valentina?’

They’re all priced at £3.51 on the store with free UK delivery and you can shop the cards and store on Etsy here.

A Valentine's Day card featuring icon Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek

A Valentine’s Day card featuring icon Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek. (Etsy/The Queer Store)

If the pop culture themed cards are to you or your partner’s liking then there’s even more to choose from over on Redbubble. Some highlights include cards featuring Bea Arthur from The Golden Girls, EastendersDot Cotton, Fanny Cradock and Shirley Valentine, all complete with puns of course. They’re all from the same independent artist and priced at £2.27 each.

This Valentine's Day card features Bea Arthur from The Golden Girls

This Valentine’s Day card features Bea Arthur from The Golden Girls. (Redbubble/Gregs Celeb Art)

This simple but cute card below is for those who prefer a little less fuss on Valentine’s. It’s available from Amazon and comes in two options ‘to my woman from your woman’ or ‘to my man from your man’. It’s priced at £3.25 and you can get the lesbian version of the card here or the gay version of the card here.


LGBT+ Valentine's Day card

One of the many LGBT+ Valentine’s Day cards. (Amazon)

If you’re looking for lesbian themed Valentine cards then there’s plenty including some highlights like this artsy vintage one from Etsy or a ‘Lez Be Valentines’ one from Red Bubble.

For those in a polyamorous relationship who might have trouble finding cards for Valentine’s Day will definitely have more luck from independent stores on sites like Etsy. This cute card which features ‘Me + You + You’ on the front inside a big pink heart is perfect for the occasion.

LGBT Valentine's Day Cards including Drag Race, Schitt's Creek and more

A polyamorous Valentine’s Day card. (Etsy/OWhatAFeeling)

You can also choose to have a hand written message inside the card, or keep it blank so you can write your own. The card is priced at £3.95 and is available from Etsy here.

If you’re after some cheaper cards then there’s some cute ones available from the Card Factory, with prices starting from £1.79. This includes personalised ones where you can add your partners name, or one where you can add both your names next to other ‘power couples’ like Posh & Becks or Baby & Johnny from Dirty Dancing.

You can choose from a number of sizes and first class delivery is free. To shop all of the cards – including the rainbow giraffe one below – go to the

LGBT Valentine's Day Cards including Drag Race, Schitt's Creek and more

One of the LGBT+ Valentine’s Day cards available from the Card Factory. (Card Factory)

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