FBI arrests ‘relationship strategist’ who teaches ‘alpha’ men how to be toxic creeps over Capitol riots

Patrick Stedman, a relationship strategist who teaches toxic masculinity

A misogynist, conspiracy theorist, homophobe and “relationship strategist” who teaches toxic masculinity has been charged with Capitol rioting.

Self-designated expert in “female psychology” Patrick Stedman, 32, charges men thousands of dollars for his “coaching” services, runs a Periscope show called “COVID/CABAL”, and has shared material online on the QAnon and reptilian conspiracy theories.

On his website, he says he teaches men “tactical aspects to help you discern which women are going to be worthy of your (presumably extra masculine, alpha) presence”.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stedman was arrested Thursday (21 January) on charges of disorderly conduct and illegally entering Capitol grounds.

He revealed his role in the extremist Capitol riots on Twitter, posting videos in real time and claiming to have been “among the first wave” of those who “broke down the doors and climbed up the back part of the Capitol building”.

Stedman also posted a video of himself sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Stedman was arrested by the FBI after his school and college classmates reported his videos of the Capitol riots.

After an initial court hearing, Stedman was ordered to surrender his passport and has been released on an unsecured bond until his next court hearing.

Patrick Stedman teaches men to use their toxic masculinity to train women with “dread” and “praise”.

On his blog, the “relationship strategist” claims it is “useful to think of a girl’s persona in adversarial terms, as it is fundamentally manipulative”.

Patrick Stedman tells men: “If you’re not the primary (if not sole) breadwinner, if you’re out of shape… getting the sex you want long-term is going to be difficult if not impossible with your average girl.”

In one of his worst posts, titled “How To Revive A Dead Bedroom“, he claims that causing “dread” for a woman by “flirting with other girls” can be “an accent to the process”.

He continues: “Now, once you’ve been doing this you should feel like you have control in the situation.

“So when you DO initiate you gain much more compliance… and can tell her to do things she wouldn’t have done in the past.

Don’t PUSH this at first, but if she’s used to doing only one position, tell her to do another.

“If she complies… MAKE SURE YOU PRAISE HER. Praise her as much as possible for getting outside of her comfort zone, how great of an experience she gave you.

“And if she refuses? Ha, well there are things you can do here that have a high chance of working. But I think I’ve said plenty enough already.”

In another post he describes “dread game” as “a biological kind of game, based on fear”.

“In many ways, it makes a girl think of herself like a piece of meat that you can easily replace with another,” he write. “Which of course, in some sense is true.”

Toxic masculinity and anti-LGBT+ views have been closely linked, and Stedman is also open about his homophobia on social media, claiming on Twitter: “The success of LGBTQ is that they pull in kids who are weird / demoralised and give them a community that accepts them ‘no matter what’.

“The trap is that the community defines itself in opposition to the mainstream as collective outcasts. It’s a resentment identity, like goths.

“If your kid is sensitive or has been bullied, the chances of him becoming ‘gay’ skyrockets.”