Trans Pride flag creator begs Joe Biden to fly it at US embassies ‘to send a message of hope’ around the world

Monica Helms flying a tiny trans Pride flag and wearing a t-shirt with it emblazoned on

Monica Helms, the activist and US Navy veteran who created the trans Pride flag, has asked president Joe Biden to fly it at US embassies across the world.

Helms created the transgender Pride flag in 1999. In a heartfelt letter, she asked Biden to “also fly the transgender Pride flag along side of the rainbow flag in solidarity with the trans community”.

Her request comes shortly after US secretary of state Anthony Blinken pledged to fly the Pride flag at embassies as a symbol of protection for LGBT+ rights.

In her letter to Biden, Helms also wrote: “Trans people in many countries are being murdered at an alarming rate, especially in places like Brazil, Mexico and many African and Latin American countries.

“With our embassies flying the trans flag along with the rainbow flag, we will send a strong message that America respects its trans community, giving trans people in that country hope.

“We have been vilified and discriminated over the last four years and having you in the White House gives us hope. America needs to show ALL of its true colors to the world, and I hope some of those colors are light blue, pink and white.  Thank you, Mr President.”

The blue, pink and white colours of the trans Pride flag were designed to represent trans men, trans women, non-binary and intersex people.

Helms, who shared her letter in a Facebook post, was met with a positive response.

“I want to cry! This is awesome,” wrote one supporter.

Another added: “I’m neither American nor trans, nor do I live in the USA, but I do absolutely support this. Much love.”

One follower who spoke of meeting Helms at a rally added: “I hope he [Biden] responds. Thank you for writing him. Meeting you in DC at the first Trans March was a truly memorable moment for me.”

Helms  is known for fighting to defend trans rights. She came out as a trans woman after spending eight years in the US Navy from 1970 to 1978. In 2014, she donated the original Trans pride flag that she created to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

During a confirmation hearing on 19 January, held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, secretary of state nominee Anthony Blinken spoke about plans for an LGBT+ rights envoy.

Since taking office on 20 January, Joe Biden has begun rolling back the damage inflicted by Donald Trump on the LGBT+ community, killing his trans military ban and strengthening workplace discrimination protections, as well as pledging to restore Obama-era bathroom rights.