In a rare moment of positive news, trans couple Jake and Hannah Graf announce they’re planning for a second baby

Jake Graf (R) shared a tender snapshot of he and Hannah's new addition to their family. (Twitter)

Hannah and Jake Graf, who made history as one of Britain’s first trans parents, have revealed that they plan to give their daughter a sibling after lockdown.

The couple told WalesOnline that their nine-month-old Millie has been an “absolute dream” and that the same surrogate has agreed to try again for them.

“We’ve always said we wanted to get a little sibling for Millie and it’s something that we are going to try and attempt when we’re allowed to in the current lockdown rules,” Hannah, formerly the highest-ranking trans officer in the British Army, explained.

“We don’t know how it’s going to go, but our amazing surrogate has very kindly offered to try and do it again. Maybe there will be some good news later in 2021.”

For Hannah and Jake Graf, surrogacy gave them ‘hope’

For Jake, an actor, having a child was always a dream of his.

The couple first discussed their intention to have a baby in 2018 before brimming with pride as they announced to the press that they used a surrogate for Jake who froze his eggs before his gender-affirmation surgery when he was 36.

While lockdown has shredded normality for many, jamming people into their homes, Jake and Hannah said they have relished the time spent with Millie.

“We spent a lot of time last year surrounded by flowers, staring at her in awe – it was magic,” Jake said.

“Having Millie has been an absolute dream. The last nine months have been amazing.

“It’s something that I never thought would happen to me, and I don’t think Hannah thought it would happen to her either.”

As much London being plunged into a fourth tier scuppered their Christmas, stonewalling their family from visiting, the season was still an especially sweet time for them, being Millie’s first.

“To have a Christmas where we were opening presents and she was pulling bits of wrapping paper, it was very sweet,” Hannah said.

“But not being able to share that with our wider families during lockdown was quite tricky.

“My parents are in Cardiff and we’re in London so we had a couple of Zoom calls but it was very lovely still.”

Hannah added that using a surrogate provided them hope for their family’s future: “You can never let go of the hope, the hope is always there.”