The best loungewear for keeping comfy yet chic during lockdown. Yes, including grey joggers

GLAAD ASOS misty jade loungewear

Let’s face it, it’s been grey jogger loungewear season the entirety of the pandemic, rather than the usual autumnal months when it’s socially acceptable to start wearing them out and about.

If you have embraced those elastic waistbands over the past year and couldn’t bare the thought of putting jeans or trousers on again instead of loungewear, don’t worry you’re not alone, you’re among millions of others opting for comfort while working and spending more time at home.

Although it might be time to throw away those sweatpants and hoodies you’ve been living in for the past 10 plus months and invest in some new comfy loungewear instead.

ASOS stocks a number of gender neutral joggers from brands including Puma, Collusion, Reclaimed Vintage and its own range. Prices start from £11.85 to a pretty high £75 – which is for green and black joggers from Juicy Couture.

Plus you can get jogger and sweatshirt/hoody co-ord sets including an ASOS collaboration with GLAAD starting from £33, which is part of the wider campaign featuring t-shirts, tank tops, bags and shirts, branded with ‘Unity’ and the ‘&’ symbol.

ASOS and GLAAD collaboration

The co-ord from the ASOS and GLAAD collaboration. (ASOS)

Collusion has the most unique looking joggers with tie dye, checkered and acid wash prints available and the majority of them are oversized which is ideal for comfort and hibernation for next couple of months.

The affordable brand has a huge range of gender neutral loungewear, with inclusive sizes and exclusive pieces on the ASOS website. If you’re after winter warmers and comfy clothing then you can go to the Collusion page and filter down specifically what you’re looking for.

Urban Outfitters has recently released a new range of iets frans joggers that are gender neutral. There’s plenty of prints including camel, cobalt, chocolate fondant, ombre and pastel and they’re all on the baggier side – so that means extra comfort.

The iets frans range from Urban Outfitters features co-ords

The iets frans range from Urban Outfitters features co-ords. (Urban Outfitters)

The prices start from £14 and there’s also a number of co-ord loungewear sets. You can look through the entire iets frans collection on the Urban Outfitters website here.

If you’re after that classic grey jogger look then there’s literally hundreds to choose from, with prices starting at £6.60 from loads of different brands. Just go to the ASOS page here for grey joggers to find the right fit for you.

A pair of grey joggers available on ASOS for £13.80. (ASOS)

Or you can shop the edits ASOS has put together which caters to all your wintery, comfy loungewear needs with cold weather wins in the women’s section or team cosy in the men’s section, which feature the latest stock.

Plus if any products in your basket are already marked down, usually the price will be in red rather than black, then you can get an extra 20% off using the code MORESALE. It’s valid to use between 7pm-9pm throughout the week until 17 January and you can go back and use it as many as you like.

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