It’s a Sin star Callum Scott Howells sings his heart out in adorable resurfaced talent show audition

Calum Scott Howells singing on a reality TV show stage

It’s a Sin star Callum Scott Howells shows off his vocal talents in a resurfaced BBC talent show audition.

Howells, who plays adorable Welsh twink Colin in the landmark Channel 4 drama, was just 17 when he sang for Gary Barlow, Amber Riley, Dannii Minogue and Martin Kemp for the BBC One show Let It Shine in 2017.

Taking to the stage, Howells proudly announced to the judges that he was head boy at school.

When Glee star Riley asked “What does that mean?”, Howells adorably began explaining: “It’s like there’s a country next to England and that’s where I’m from,” not realising she was asking him to explain the concept of head boy.

Laughing off the misstep, Howells launched into his rendition of “You’ll Be Back” from the runaway hit musical, Hamilton.

It was enough to get him through to the next round of the show, a competition to find five young men to star in the Take That jukebox musical, The Band.

In fact, Howells impressed the judges so much he won a spot in the final 40, but pulled out before the live finals aired, having landed a role in West End musical She Loves Me.

Callum Scott Howells found out about It’s a Sin role while visiting his old school.

Four years on, Callum Scott Howells is one of the breakout stars of It’s a Sin, Russell T Davies’ acclaimed drama about a group of gay men living through the heigh of the AIDS crisis in the ’80s.

His character, Colin, is a young Welshman who moves to London to train under a tailor and, in the process, begins life as an out gay man.

Howells was studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff when he was first sent the script for the show.

“I read the first three episodes and I just fell in love with the whole show,” he told PinkNews.

“It was something that was vitally important. I taped for it because I was doing a play so I couldn’t go and meet for it, then I got recalled and then I got the offer the next day when I was back visiting my old comprehensive school.

“So it felt really sort of beautiful to find out in that room. It was mad because it was my old head of sixth form’s office. She was so good to me and my school – she gave me head boy! So it was really, really special. It was like it was meant to be, I guess.”