Dan Levy made his SNL debut all about lesbian dinosaurs and getting railed by daddies and fans are here for it

Dan Levy Saturday Night Live

Dan Levy made a hilarious lesbian dinosaur joke during his iconic guest hosting slot on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The Schitt’s Creek star hosted the long-running sketch show on Saturday night (6 February) and brought his wit and personality to the role of “Thoby”, a Universal Studios trainee tour guide learning the ropes from Mikey Day.

In the SNL sketch, Levy’s character tells the crowded bus of tourists – which includes Kenan Thompson – that he has been drinking coffee, which causes him to make some inappropriate comments: including the afore-mentioned lesbian dinosaur joke.

Levy’s trainee tour guide character tells the tour bus about a “dark as hell” fan theory about Back to the Future.

“I read the craziest fan theory about that movie,” he tells the tour bus. “So like, why does this teenager hang out with this old inventor guy? So the theory was that Doc basically like groomed Marty to like molest him, but then the Doc regretted it, so the reason he built the machine was to go back in time to prevent himself from molesting Marty.”

When speaking about ET, Levy’s SNL character tells the bus that the alien “looks like a ball sack come to life”. He then goes on to tell his rapt audience about Jurassic Park, saying: “OK, wait wait wait, what is that old joke? Oh yeah, what do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Lickalotofpuss!”

Elsewhere in the sketch, Levy’s character goes on to describe Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight as his “softener”.

“If I’m ever getting aroused down there at the wrong time, like at the gym or something, I think of that guy to soften things up,” he says.

Dan Levy parodied a white man talking about racism on Saturday Night Live.

Levy also appeared in a number of other SNL sketches, including one where he parodies a white man who speaks repeatedly over a Black man during a conversation about systemic racism.

In another, Levy and Kate McKinnon play two concerned friends who object to their friend’s wedding, believing that her fiancé isn’t good enough for her.

But Levy and McKinnon’s opinions of their friend’s betrothed quickly change after he stands up to them, telling them: “Yeah, she’s probably too good for me, but at least I tell her how I feel and I say what I mean, and maybe that’s what she likes about me. You guys all speak in mean little riddles.”

Dan Levy simply responds: “OK, rail me daddy,” while McKinnon says she is now “fully horny”.

Levy also opened the show with a spectacular monologue in which he touched on his recent success at the Emmys, where Schitt’s Creek won a slew of awards.

“Those Emmys were quite literally thrown at us by a stranger in a hazmat suit,” Levy said, referencing the unusual ceremony which saw some alterations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, Dan Levy’s SNL debut was applauded by queer fans and allies as breath of fresh air.