Schitt’s Creek fans, rejoice! A reboot is now simply a matter of ‘timing’

A promotional photo of Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose, Daniel Levy as David Rose, Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose in Schitt's Creek.

Get excited, Schitt’s Creek stans: more of CBC’s beloved cult sitcom may be headed our way in the near future.

Running across six seasons between 2015 to 2020, the hilarious comedy follows queer Sex Education star Dan Levy as the flamboyant pansexual hypochondriac David Rose as he and his family navigate their journey from riches to rags.

Levy’s father and American Pie actor Eugene Levy plays David’s father Johnny, while Home Alone’s Catherine O’Hara delivers one of the most memorable performances of her career as David’s melodramatic mother Moira. Black Mirror‘s Annie Murphy is David’s self-obsessed sister, Alexis Rose.

While it was on air for just five years, the show quickly became one of the best regarded and most memeable TV sitcoms of recent times, garnering 65 awards in total – including nine Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

It was also lauded for its breadth of LGBTQ+ representation. Alongside Levy’s pansexual prince David, there is his gay husband Patrick (Noah Reid), Ronnie Lee (Karen Robinson), the takes-no-s**t town council member, and everyone’s favourite polyamorous furniture maker Jake (Steve Lund), among other minor characters.

The show received six Dorian Awards and three GLAAD awards, celebrating its wide-ranging and trauma-free depictions of the queer community.

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While fans have mourned its loss in the the three years since the final episode, it appears that they could be heading back up Schitt’s Creek with a paddle at some point soon. 

According to one of the show’s producers Andrew Barnsley, both Dan and Eugene Levy would be pleased to RSVP to a Schitt’s Creek reboot as “pending”.

“It’s something that we know there’s demand and interest for it,” Barnsley told news site The Messenger. “It’s something that I know Dan and Eugene [Levy] are considering all the time, and I think it’s going to be a timing thing.”

That, to us, sounds like more of a “when” rather than an “if” situation.

The Schitt’s Creek cast pose together (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images)

The idea of a Schitt’s Creek revival has been floated several times since it ended, too, with Eugene Levy going on record to say that he has “never stopped thinking” about the show’s future.

“I know my son Daniel has said this, we’d love to get together with these people again and take the show and the characters to yet another level,” he told IndieWire earlier this year.

“There’s nothing in the works right now to be honest, but you know, we’ve never stopped thinking about what might happen down the line. We’re certainly open to anything, I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we’ll probably act on it, I guess.”

Dan Levy is hosting a live event to celebrate Schitt's Creek.
Dan Levy. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Dan Levy, too, has said that he’s keen to see more of the Rose family – perhaps in a film format.

“If there is an idea that pops into my head it has to be really freaking good because this is a nice way to say goodbye,” he told Variety back in 2020 after the show came to a close. 

“Fingers crossed we get a nice idea popping into our head soon… I would love to work with these people again.”

That a reboot might not be as good or as successful as the original is a fair concern. As Barnsley explained: “The fear is, does it tarnish the legacy to go back and revisit them in the way that maybe the Entourage movie did?”

Regardless of whether it does come to fruition, fans are clearly very here for the idea.

Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming on Netflix.