15 positively bedazzling gifts for the beguiling, beloved Schitt’s Creek superfan in your life

Another one of the show's popular quotes. (BrewsBrothersGifts/Etsy)

Schitt’s Creek is one of the most popular shows in recent years especially among LGBT+ people, making it an ideal option when it comes to giving gifts.

The hit comedy series which follows the Rose family, who lose their fortune and need to relocate to a small town, sadly ended last year with an emotional finale – but that doesn’t mean the love for the show has ended.

Schitt’s Creek gained a huge following over the years thanks to its very quotable moments, fans being inspired to come out by characters David and Patrick as well as “The Night of a Thousand Moiras”, which was a drag night celebrating the icon, Moira Rose.

Plus it’s up for even more awards at this year’s Golden Globes despite being over, so we wonder if they can just keep giving Schitt’s Creek nominations until the end of time? Because it’s what the show deserves.

If you’re a fan of the show, or you have a superfan in your life then there are loads of gifts out there that you need to get. From “bébé” shirts to Rose Apothecary presents and “ew, David” mugs to iconic prints.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the gifts that every Schitt’s Creek fan needs in their life and you can check them out below.

1. Bébé t-shirt

The bebe shirt inspired by Moira Rose. (PinchProducts/Etsy)

The bebe shirt inspired by Moira Rose. (PinchProducts/Etsy)

Every single Schitt’s Creek fan needs this fashionable (obviously) t-shirt featuring the one word many people associate with the show and that’s ‘bébé’. The shirt is inspired by the show’s matriarch and icon Moira Rose who talks in her own amazing vernacular throughout the series. It comes in white, black, grey or burgundy and is priced at £14.99 from Etsy here.

Plus if you’re looking for other gifts, you can also get the design on a mug from the same seller for £9 and start your morning right with a coffee out of the ‘bébé’ mug.

2. ‘Ew, David’ mug

The 'ew, David' mug. (HappyBoxGiftCo/Etsy)

The ‘ew, David’ mug. (HappyBoxGiftCo/Etsy)

Another gift you can get for the Schitt’s Creek fan in your life is this “ew, David” mug. The line was made famous by the character’s sister Alexis and despite being one of the most quotable lines from the series, it’s actually only said three times throughout the six seasons! Wow, Alexis’ impact. The mug is priced at £11.99 and you can get it from Etsy here.

3. ‘This wine is awful’ label

A "This wine is awful" label. (SignalGoods/Etsy)

A “This wine is awful” label. (SignalGoods/Etsy)

Ok, now let’s move on from the coffee mugs and onto gifts for the Schitt’s Creek fans who are also wine drinkers. If you’re getting a friend a bottle of wine for a special occasion then you can spruce it up with this label that says “This wine is awful, get me another glass”, once said by none other than Moira Rose while she’s promoting Herb Ertlinger’s ‘Fruit Wines’. The label is priced at £3.85 and is available from Etsy here.

4. Schitt’s Creek tumblers

The Schitt's Creek themed stemless wine glasses. (LilyPopGiftsBoutique/Etsy)

The Schitt’s Creek themed stemless wine glasses. (LilyPopGiftsBoutique/Etsy)

Obviously you’ll need something for the ‘awful’ wine to go in, so what better than these stemless Schitt’s Creek themed glasses. One of the gifts features “ew, David” while the other is a nod to the certified bop, and now gay anthem from the show “A Little Bit Alexis”. They’re priced at £9 each from Etsy here and are ideal to have some of Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wine out of.

5. Alexis’ necklace

The 'A' necklace from the series. (YouTube)

The ‘A’ necklace from the series. (YouTube)

Speaking of all-around icon Alexis Rose, fans of the show can get a cute initial necklace like the one the character wears throughout the series. You can get an ‘A’ and rep for Alexis or you can choose from any letter. These gifts are priced at £12 and available from Etsy here. The necklace can come in gold, silver or rose gold, we’re sure Alexis would approve!

6. Rose Apothecary sweaters

The Rose Apothecary sweaters. (RidgeFashion/Etsy)

The Rose Apothecary sweaters. (RidgeFashion/Etsy)

You can also rep for the ‘one of a kind, locally sourced and handcrafted with care’ store Rose Apothecary, which we all wish was in our local town, with these cosy sweaters. They’re priced from £23 via Etsy here and come in a number of colours, as well as being gender neutral which make them perfect gifts for pretty much everyone.

7. Rose Apothecary tote bag

The Rose Apothecary tote bag. (NovaTerraStore/Etsy)

The Rose Apothecary tote bag. (NovaTerraStore/Etsy)

Once you’ve got your sweater you can also get this matching tote bag which also reps for Rose Apothecary. It comes in two styles, one is more of a tote and the other a bigger shopping bag so you can stock up on your favourite products while also avoiding using plastic. We’re sure David would approve of these gifts which are priced from £8.40 via Etsy here.

8. Rose Apothecary candle

The Rose Apothecary candle. (LilyPopGiftsBoutique/Etsy)

The Rose Apothecary candle. (LilyPopGiftsBoutique/Etsy)

Another Rose Apothecary inspired gift is this candle from Etsy. It’s priced at £9 and comes in pink or green which are scented tranquil rose or calm ocean, so fans of Schitt’s Creek can have a little bit of the one-of-a-kind store in their homes. You can get it from Etsy here.

9. Saint Rose’s candle set

The Saint themed candles. (InkAndBeats/Etsy)

The Saint themed candles. (InkAndBeats/Etsy)

If you want some candles that stand out a little bit more then you can get this set of four. These iconic Schitt’s Creek gifts feature Saints Moira, Johnny, David and Alexis and are tall glass candles that usually last for ages. Plus they make a great feature so you don’t even have to light them. The set of four is priced at £41 from Etsy here.

10. Schitt’s Creek wedding print

Schitt's Creek wedding print. (PrintsbySimonStore/Etsy)

Schitt’s Creek wedding print. (PrintsbySimonStore/Etsy)

This print pays homage to one of the most emotional moments from the series, or maybe any show ever?! It’s the iconic moment where David and Patrick get married and features the vows, “I’ve never liked a smile as much as I like yours, I’ve never felt as safe as when I’m with you, I’ve never know love like I have when we’re together”, ok we’re crying again. It’s priced from £8.50 and comes in two different sizes and is available from Etsy here.

Fans can get other Schitt’s Creek prints from the same seller including David’s “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now”, Alexis performing her song and Moira with the crows. They’re all available here.

11. David’s ‘uninterested’ mug

Another one of the show's popular quotes. (BrewsBrothersGifts/Etsy)

Another one of the show’s popular quotes. (BrewsBrothersGifts/Etsy)

Another one of David’s many iconic quotes has been immortalised on this mug above. This time its “very uninterested in that option” which is very appropriate for any work meetings, zoom calls or places you just don’t really fancy being at. It’s priced at £10.95 and available from Etsy here.

12. Moira Rose vocabulary calendar

The Moira Rose vocabulary calendar. (TheCardAisle/Etsy)

The Moira Rose vocabulary calendar. (TheCardAisle/Etsy)

Ok so it might already be February but it’s still not too late to get a yearly calendar, especially if it’s a Schitt’s Creek themed one. More specifically it’s a Moira Rose vocabulary calendar which features some of the most interesting words the award-winning actress has come out with alongside their definitions. This includes “bedeviled”, “encumber” and “propitious” to name a few, so fans of the show can really get to grips with it and start talking like Moira, because who wouldn’t want to? The calendar is priced at £37.20 and available from Etsy here.

13. Moira Rose notebook

The Moira Rose notebook. (TheChristysCreations/Etsy)

The Moira Rose notebook. (TheChristysCreations/Etsy)

Are you positively bedeviled with online meetings? Whether its zooms parties or work meetings, every Schitt’s Creek fan needs this Moira Rose notebook to keep on top of everything, while also being superior to everyone else of course. It’s priced at £7 and available from Etsy here.

14. Schitt’s Creek pencil set

The set of Schitt's Creek themed pencils. (LucyMadeMe/Etsy)

The set of Schitt’s Creek themed pencils. (LucyMadeMe/Etsy)

So you’re going to need to use something to write in your Moira Rose notebook and these pencils are perfect for keeping within the Schitt’s Creek theme. The set of three features branded pencils that say “ew, David”, “love that journey for me” and “best wishes, warmest regards” and are available for £4 from Etsy here.

15. Rosebud Motel keyring

Schitt's Creek: 15 positively bedazzling gifts for the superfan in your life

The Rosebud Motel keyring. (PidgeonsPins/Etsy)

The Rosebud Motel is where the story of the Schitt’s Creek series started and ended, and fans of the show can get this cute little keyring featuring the logo. It’s priced at £2.89 and available from Etsy here.

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