Gay couple left heartbroken after adoption rejection finally become dads through surrogacy

Gay couple surrogate

A gay couple who were denied the chance to adopt a child because of a kidney transplant have had their first baby with the help of a surrogate.

Harvey Cooper, 30, and Adam Williams, 25, were turned away when they tried to adopt a child because Adam has had three kidney transplants.

The Doncaster couple were devastated, but everything changed when they became friends with Naomi Chetwood. When she offered to act as a surrogate for the couple, they leapt at the opportunity.

Cooper and Williams became first-time dads on 31 January when Naomi gave birth to Jacob.

The happy couple have documented their incredible journey on their joint Instagram account, titled Harvey and Adam.

They have also been vocal in their gratitude to Chetwood and her wife for helping them become parents.

Surrogate said helping gay couple become dads was a ‘pleasure’.

Sharing news of Jacob’s birth on Instagram on 1 February, Harvey and Adam wrote: “Words are not cutting it at the moment and the emotions running through our hearts can’t describe this desire inside to love our baby boy Jacob!”

The men also opened up about the challenges of having a baby during the coronavirus pandemic, with only one of the dads allowed into the delivery room due to measures introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19.

“We can’t wait to change as many nappies as needed as we have been preparing for Jacob for so long,” the overjoyed couple wrote.

“This moment is one we may never [have] thought would have happened for us so it’s so special and everyday will be appreciated so much!

“We look forward to you calling us daddy and the proud moments when you are in the school play,” they added.

They also shared a heartfelt post from Chetwood in which she spoke of the “pleasure” of helping Harvey and Adam start a family.

“Nothing is every going to compare to this experience,” she wrote.

“My very, very supportive wife has made everything possible beside me and has played a massive part in things,” she added.

“Yes towards the end I have been a bit poorly leading up to little man’s birth, but both of his parents and my wife have gone above and beyond to make sure I’m OK and done anything possible to make sure I’m OK and done anything possible to help me.”

Since Jacob’s birth, Harvey and Adam have shared adorable snapshots of their foray into parenting, including trips to the park and those rare, peaceful moments when their new arrival is sleeping soundly.