Nintendo confirms 3DS RPG Miitopia is finally coming to Switch for endless new adventures

Miitopia Nintendo

Nintendo’s popular role-playing game Miitopia is finally making its way from the 3DS to Nintendo Switch on 21 May for the first time.

Following Wednesday’s (18 February) direct stream showcase last night, Nintendo has announced that the customisable popular role-playing game Miitopia is coming to Nintendo Switch. The original release of the game saw the protagonist set off on an adventure: picking a class and forming a party ready to cross over to fantasy land ready to battle it out with the Dark Lord.

Telling fans globally what to expect with the move to Switch, Nintendo confirmed Miitopia is getting a new port where, just like the original, you’ll be able to design your own Miis and set them off on a fun adventure. The newly expanded customisation also gives fans the chance to add make-up and wigs to customise your Miis to your liking. What’s more, they’ll be able to travel to different worlds, build homes and make new relationships with other players.

Building relationships are key in this game so you’ll need to spend some quality time with a few allies to strengthen bonds, which also gives players great adventures during battles. Players will. also be able to equip a horse as an ally that’ll lend you a hoof or two. Many of the in-game characters can be cast as a Miis that you’ve created, including the Dark Lord. From making a best friend to the worst enemy, you can customise.

Released back in July 2017 for Nintendo 3DS, Miitopia became a quick fan fave for many reasons. Making the jump from 3DS to the Switch is a pretty big move for Nintendo and with the movement of next-gen gameplay and consoles being everyone’s focus, we’re super excited to see how this plays out.

Miitopia is launching on Nintendo Switch on 21 May with pre-orders now available on the Switch eShop.