Mr Potato Head to become gender-neutral and snowflakes can’t handle it

A Mr Potato Head toy

Mr Potato Head is ditching the binary and going by a new, gender-neutral name.

The classic kids toy will be known as plain old Potato Head moving forward, toymaker Hasbro has confirmed.

Hasbro said that 70 years after they were born, Potato Head was due an update. The new name will appear on boxes later this year.

Right on cue, the usual suspects began frothing at the mouth with fury.

Piers Morgan decided Potato Head had been made gender-neutral to avoid “upsetting wokies”, despite literally no-one ever asking Hasbro to rebrand the toy.

Ben Shapiro suggested Mrs Potato Head would be “replaced by an asexual can of Pringles”.

Elsewhere, conservative conspiracy theorist Mark Dice proclaimed “the insanity never ends” and suggested “its time for Republican states to secede”. Over a children’s toy dropping two letters from its name.

More sensible reactions ranged from good-natured humour to “it’s a frigging potato toy, don’t freak out”.

The new name is part of efforts to bring classic toys into the 21st century, and followers similar updates from rival toymakers.

Mattel, which makes Barbie, launched a line of gender non-confirming dolls in 2019.

Each toy was customisable and allowed for more than 100 options, with short and long hair as well as various clothing options.

More recently, the American Girl doll franchise released its “2021 Girl of the Year” with two gay aunts.

An accompanying book for the toy line followed 10-year-old Kira Bailey as she journeyed to Australia to visit her aunts and their wildlife sanctuary.

The book casually mentions that the two women got married “after the law was changed to allow it”.

Predictably, the move was met with backlash from homophobes.

Mattel just launched a gender non-conforming doll line