Currys launches PlayStation 5 priority pass to beat shameful scalpers. Here’s what you need to know

PS5 currys priority pass

Still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 (PS5)? Currys may just have you covered with their new priority pass.

The retailer has launched the PS5 Priority Pass in an attempt to get the Sony console to consumers and out of the hands of scalpers.

By signing up on their website, gamers will be selected at random to receive a special PlayStation 5 (PS5) priority buying code that will be valid for 72 hours.

The priority pass offer is not available online, however, and must be redeemed in person at a nearby Currys store as detailed along with the code.

The Currys PS5 priority pass scheme therefore anticipates shops being open soon once lockdown restrictions end, which will certainly help minimise the impact of bots purchasing the consoles online.

Scalpers have so far been able to purchase large quantities of PlayStation 5 stock which are then resold elsewhere (like on eBay) for hugely inflated prices.

The Currys PS5 scheme does not guarantee an available console to buy and entry is available for one person only, but for those seeking a console it might be worth a chance.

Sony boss Jim Ryan has stated that PlayStation 5 stock will increase month-on-month throughout the year. 

The president and CEO told GQ: “I know there were people who wanted a PS5 and couldn’t find one. We’re very sorry about that and obviously grateful that demand has been as strong as it is.”

Difficulties with the supply chain and the semiconductor market were key reasons for the low level of stock, alongside moving to an online distribution model due to COVID-19.

“We’re working as we always have, but with renewed vigour and energy post Christmas to get supply up, it will increase as each month passes,” said Ryan.

Between lack of stock and online scalpers, the PlayStation 5 has become the most sought after gadget of the moment.

For those lucky enough to own the console already, we’ve listed our most wanted games of 2021 plus the PS4 games you should be playing on the new console.

You can sign up for the Currys PS5 Priority Pass here.

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