Queer gamer ditches Grindr to hunt for a boyfriend on Among Us. It backfires, badly

Among Us

Forget Grindr, Tinder, Bumble or any of the other dating apps. What if you could find a partner… playing Among Us?

That’s exactly what YouTuber Stan a.k.a worldofxtra aimed to do in a hilarious video.

Spoiler: it did not go well.

The apps weren’t working out for Stan. “I did manage to find a few cool people but it’s been a few weeks and where’s my ring?” he said.

And so he turned to the popular free-to-play mobile game Among Us.

For the uninitiated, the game sees a bunch of cute coloured bean characters completing tasks on a spaceship, while imposter beans must murder their fellow crew mates without being spotted. It’s not exactly a hotbed of romance.

“I wanna play Among Us. I want a boyfriend. Put two and two together: I’m going to find a boyfriend on the game!

“There’s gotta be a legal man playing that game, right?”

Stan joins a public game and, of course, the first order of duty is finding a suitable outfit. He switches to a fierce yellow and chooses a hat, not a flower – “that’s gay, oop!” – but a cute yellow balloon.

“What if I get recognised?” he wonders as he begins messaging the chat.

His plans are scuppered, though, when it turns out the word “boyfriend” is banned in the chat. So is the abbreviation “bf”. Huh.

In his first match he’s a crew mate rather than the imposter, which is fine because his “goal is to find a boyfriend, not kill people”. He’s soon murdered himself though.

In the next game he asks the chat “who wants to be my man?” and quickly gets a response from ‘Tehyaa’. Reader, Tehyaa is a girl.

During a later match, Stan even calls an emergency meeting to announce that he’s single. The other players were hardly impressed.

The closest Stan came was with Marcus and things looked promising. Stan professed his love and asked if they should marry, to which Marcus replied “are you boy?”

“Please don’t hate crime me,” said Stan. Shortly after, he wasn’t just ejected for being sus, he was banned from the room.

RIP Stan. The romance was short, but sweet.