The Grammys invited Bill Burr to present Mexican and Latin awards and it went about as horribly as you’d expect

Bill Burr Grammys

Bill Burr is facing backlash on social media for his tone-deaf jokes about suicide and feminism at the Grammys.

The controversial comedian came under fire after he made several offensive quips while presenting a number of awards at the Grammys 2021 premiere ceremony on Sunday night (14 March).

Burr began his routine by mocking a piano performance he walked on stage to, saying: “Was I the only one who wanted to kill himself during that piano solo?”

He went on to joke about how he had bought a suit for the occasion before finding out he would be presenting non-televised awards.

Bill Burr mispronounced Natalia Lafourcade’s name at the Grammys

Burr went on to present several awards before moving on to the Best Regional Mexican Music Album award.

“I can’t say the name. The Grammy goes to Natalia Lafourcade,” Burr said, mispronouncing the winner’s name.

“I will accept on behalf of her. If I butchered her name, I’m sorry. Natalia, you won.”

Bill Burr’s presenting duties descended even further into farce when he moved onto the category for Best Tropical Latin Album.

“The feminists are going nuts. Why is the cis white male doing all this Latino stuff,” he joked.

Burr quickly started trending on Twitter following his presenting slot, with many criticising the comedian for his insensitive jokes.

The controversy comes just months after Burr was roundly criticised for cracking jokes about Pride Month and racism during a guest hosting slot on Saturday Night Live.

In the skit, Bill Burr claimed that he had never heard of Pride Month.

“The month of June is gay Pride Month… that’s a little long, don’t you think, for a group of people that were never enslaved?

“How did they get all of June? Black people were actually enslaved and they get February, they get 28 days of overcast weather.”

He stoked controversy again earlier this month when he defended his former co-star Gina Carano after she was fired from The Mandalorian for sharing an Instagram post in which she seemingly compared being a Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

Burr described her as “an absolute sweetheart” and a “super nice f**king person”, despite the backlash over her views.