LGBT+ farming sim Stardew Valley and other fun, queer co-op games up for grabs in latest Steam sale

Steam sale

Stardew Valley, the popular LGBT+ farming sim, is discounted in a brand new Steam sale.

The game is an RPG that sees your young farmer planting and harvesting produce, developing their farm, and engaging with the residents of the local town.

It’s hugely popular with LGBT+ players and praised for its same-sex romance options. Plus if you play on PC with mods, you’ll have access to even more queer options.

The game is part of Steam’s latest Remote Play Together sale that celebrates multiplayer and co-operative games. Stardew Valley’s multiplayer allows friends to join as farm hands to get the most out of each in-game day and maximise your produce.

Remote Play is a Steam function that allows you to play multiplayer games online with friends without every player requiring a copy of the game. Simply launch the game and invite anyone from your friends list to join you.

It’s Steam’s answer to playing games with friends on the couch, something that’s impossible right now in the pandemic, meaning this Steam sale comes at a welcome time.

There are tonnes of discounted indie games including beat-em-up Castle Crashers, the cartoony bullet hell shooter Enter The Gungeon, and the recently released dungeon crawler Sword of the Necromancer that features a queer lead character.

Also heavily discounted are the spellbinding Magicka, co-op shooter Darksiders: Genesis from the popular series, and the unique and cute Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime.

Other games in the sale include fighting classic Mortal Kombat 11, the hilarious Overcooked! 2, the even more hilarious Untitled Goose Game, and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI that’s currently available for free.

The Remote Play Together Steam Sale ends on 29 March, so get in quick!

Plus, if you’re unsure about any of the games, Steam are live streaming titles throughout the sale. 

You can view the live stream and all the discounted games right here.