Multiplayer shooter Rogue Company comes to PlayStation 5 this week: game’s release date and more

Rogue Company PS5

Online multiplayer shooter game Rogue Company from Hi-Rez Studios Multiplayer is heading to PlayStation 5 (PS5) this week.

The free to play online game was released in November last year across all consoles and PC, with cross-platform play for those who want to team up with friends on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Now it’s coming to PlayStation 5 in upgraded form. That means a 4K resolution at both 60fps and 120fps for the sharpest, smoothest experience yet.

Rogue Company is perfectly suited to fans of Apex Legends, Overwatch and other online shooters. It sees four Rogues – chosen from a list of eighteen specific characters – teaming up to take on objectives and defeat the opposing team. Money earned in each round is used to purchase new weapons and perks.

The Rogue Company of the title is a top secret syndicate of elite mercenaries from around the world. They’re a diverse bunch, though so far none have been confirmed as LGBT+ unlike the game’s key competitors.

Hi-Rez Studios have also collaborated with the eSports brand 100 Thieves to add a collection of outfits and weapon skins, as well as YouTube streamer DrDisRespect on a custom map and as a character.

These collaborations have seen the game grow a considerable player base. This PS5 upgrade comes at the perfect time for players to jump in and join millions of other fans.

The timing of the PS5 upgrade also comes just ahead of Outriders, another online team-based shooter (there are plenty of them) from Square Enix.

Shown at the recent Square Enix Presents video event, it has more of an RPG structure as you choose a character from set classes and develop their skills over time – think Destiny but in third-person. A demo of Outriders is out now ahead of its release on 1 April.

For more information on Rogue Company, check out this trailer.