New K-pop Dead by Daylight chapter All-Kill just dropped, introducing evil thirst trap The Trickster

Dead by Daylight

The new All-Kill chapter of Dead by Daylight has now launched across all platforms. As previously announced, the chapter is influenced by K-pop with a brand new killer – The Trickster – and survivor.

Ji-Woon a.k.a. The Trickster is a K-pop star turned murderer. According to the Dead by Daylight official blurb, “murder scenes became elaborate art pieces, and the screams of the dead were recorded and secretly woven into his tracks.” Nasty.

The Trickster’s key power is the aptly named Showstopper, unleashing a flurry of knives.

He’s joined by new survivor Yun-Jin, music producer who turned The Trickster into a star.

In addition to the new characters, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive have created new Korean streetwear outfits in the form of Seoul Sights in a nod to the chapter’s Korean influence.

For authentic K-pop representation, the developer has collaborated with K-pop singer Kevin Woo from the band U-KISS and BTS producer DJ Swivel.

The Dead by Daylight chapter’s All-Kill title is a reference to when a group manages to hit the top spot on all eight Korean music charts, be it with a song or an album.

“I love how this chapter captures all the amazing elements of K-pop including the eye-catching visuals of the characters, addictive music, and cultural backdrop with a horror twist,” said Woo.

“I have no doubt that the K-pop community will fall in love with this chapter as much as I did and I hope people who aren’t familiar with K-pop will get introduced to it through the All-Kill chapter.”

Fans have already been thirsting over The Trickster, with his iconic look and seductive wink to camera.

Others, however, have lamented The Trickster’s realistic look in the context of the game, which includes classic grotesque horror villains like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill games.

The new Dead by Daylight chapter is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. For all the details, check out the brand new trailer.