Resident Evil favourites Leon, Jill and Nemesis are heading to Dead by Daylight in June

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight will be celebrating the Resident Evil series in a new crossover coming in June.

Pretty boy cop Leon Kennedy and the iconic Jill Valentine – familiar to fans of the recent Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes – will be added as survivors.

The new killer will be Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, who will be known in-game as Tyrant.

All three characters will be available from 15 June.

The online multiplayer horror title sees four survivors teaming up to survive against a killer. Many of the characters are taken from classic horror films and games, so the inclusion of Resident Evil – for the series’ 25th anniversary no less – is a no brainer.

As survivors, Leon and Jill are more than capable. Jill is able to place a mine on generators that can blind a killer, sabotaging them. Leon can spawn flashbangs around the map to distract killers and potentially blind them.

Nemesis is something of a unique killer, with a ranged tentacle attack that can infect survivors with the T-virus. Those infected will cough and splutter, making them easier for the killer to target.

AI controlled zombies will also spawn around the map, with the ability to infect players too.

Vaccines will be available to cure survivors but as they will be in limited supply, players must decide when is the optimal time to use them, adding a welcome layer of extra strategy.

A new map will also be added, based on the Raccoon City Police Department.

These new ideas should put a fun twist on familiar Dead by Daylight gameplay.

This crossover follows the game’s recent K-pop All-Kill chapter that introduced The Trickster as a new killer who weaves the screams of the dying into his music.

Fans were, understandably, quick to thirst after him with his open jacket and cheeky wink.

We recently guessed which Resident Evil characters would be included in the Dead by Daylight crossover – did we get it right?

Check out a reveal trailer for the crossover below.

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