Outriders servers down: Gamers disappointed as servers crash and PC version struggles on launch day

Outriders Square Enix

Fans and players of Outriders across the globe experienced connection issues on launch day (1 April) due to various issues, including the fact servers were down.

The highly-anticipated looter-shooter game’s launch was anything but issue-free, disappointing fans globally, however developer Square Enix has promised that fixes are incoming.

Met with an “Internet Connection Error” message informing players that they have failed to connect to the Outriders servers, some players have reported they eventually managed to log in after repeated attempts, but it’s far from an ideal start.

Playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Outriders is set in 2159 where Earth is no longer a viable planet to live on as constant war and climate change have made the planet unsustainable for human civilisation.

The human race is forced to fight for survival on the planet Enoch as a result. As an Outrider, a member of an elite group of pioneers and explorers, you come to Enoch and aid the human colonisation effort of your superiors.

In a series of tweets made from the official Outriders account, they apologised for the issues people were having, even informing their fans that they are tracking reports of PC players who were encountering stuttering and micro-stuttering.

In a post on Reddit, publisher Square Enix said: “We are treating this issue with the highest priority and we are working on patches that will synchronize all platform code, which will resolve these issues.”

Steam and Epic players can play together, Square Enix said, and PlayStation and Xbox players can co-op, too. But Square Enix has temporarily turned off automatic matchmaking between PC and consoles.

“Should you invite a console player into your PC game via an invite code (or vice versa), the game will initially connect, but one player will eventually be kicked out of the game,” Square Enix warned. “We highly recommend against doing this until we have patched all versions of the game.”

That patch will not be released today, Square Enix stressed with the team is working on a fix ASAP. “We will provide news on it’s release as soon as we are able to.” In the meantime Steam and Epic players should be able to play together”.