Ben Shapiro tried to save Home Depot ‘from the woke left’ by… buying a piece of wood

Ben Shapiro at Home Depot.

Ben Shapiro is being mocked mercilessly online after trying to save hardware store chain Home Depot by buying a single plank of wood in a plastic bag.

Georgia-based Home Depot, one of the state’s largest employers, has been under pressure to publicly oppose new restrictive voting measures which have been described as “deliberate attempts to suppress the minority vote”.

The company’s silence and refusal to meet with a group of Black father leaders who wanted to discuss the voter restrictions has led to calls for a boycott.

But Shapiro was determined to save Home Depot.

In an Instagram video, the right-wing pundit stood outside a branch of the hardware store and said: Here we are at Home Depot. As you know, controversy has now engulfed Home Depot as people are encouraging people to boycott Home Depot because Home Depot is not getting involved in Georgia’s voter law controversy.

“They’re doing exactly the right thing because, after all, they are, in fact, Home Depot. They are not, in fact, in the business of politics.”

He told his followers that they should be “buying from companies that are not falling to the woke left”, and that “Home Depot is, so far, one of those companies”.

Shapiro announced: “I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna buy some stuff, and I’m gonna leave.”

After a confusing montage of decades-old photos of Home Depot, Shapiro emerged from the store with… a single plank of wood. In a tiny plastic bag.

Comically, Shapiro brandished the plank but left the plastic bag hanging on the end as it was too small for him to reach the handles, and declared that the wood “is now mine”.

The hilarious yet somehow disturbing video left Twitter hysterical, with users insisting it “must be satire”.

Writer Dan O’Sullivan said: “It’s funny to me that Ben Shapiro is such a stupid rich kid trying a fake man of the people act that he went to Home Depot and bough a piece of wood he doesn’t need and bagged it at self-checkout.

“Get some Command strips. Those are always useful. Or that Raid spray that stops ants.”

The fact that Shapiro bagged his wood invited further jokes.

It was also not lost on the internet that the day Shapiro decided to venture out to Home Depot was also Earth Day.

One Twitter user wrote: “Ben Shapiro, simultaneously feigning manhood and owning Earth Day by driving a car to buy a single piece of poplar milled in an act of deforestation, poorly protected by a needless plastic bag.”