Bake Off fans ‘tear up’ as Nadine Coyle hints she took part in cancer charity special for Sarah Harding

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle hinted on The Great Celebrity Bake Off, which raises money for the charity Stand Up for Cancer, that she was competing for her “close friend” Sarah Harding.

The Girls Aloud icon took part in the show’s latest episode on Tuesday (6 April), and revealed that the cause meant a lot to her because of a friend who was fighting cancer.

In August last year Harding, 39, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she recently revealed that she may not be alive by Christmas as the cancer has spread to her spine.

When presenter Matt Lucas asked Coyle about her reasons for competing, she responded: “I have a very close friend at the minute who is suffering from cancer.

“It’s terrifying, you look at the statistics and the more research there is and the more money and funding there is to do that the better people’s odds are.

“You never know when the next big breakthrough is going to happen. And hopefully very soon.”

Viewers were moved, with one writing on Twitter: “Nadine Coyle doing Bake Off for Sarah Harding is making me tear up.”

“Sitting there watching Nadine talk about Sarah has honestly knocked me for six, she didn’t even say that much but my heart,” wrote another.

Harding recently released a previously unheard single to raise money for the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which is treating her cancer.

Nadine Coyle again delighted fans with her ‘flour’ pronunciation.

Bake Off fans were also eagerly awaiting Nadine Coyle’s distinctive pronunciation of “flour”, previously immortalised in meme form after a 2010 appearance on Sunday Brunch.

They didn’t have to wait long.  As soon as she began to mix the butter and flour for her choux buns, viewers delightedly took to social media.

One wrote: “Can’t believe we’ve been blessed with Nadine Coyle saying flour again.”

Another added: “Nadine Coyle saying “floyurrrr” is all the serotonin I need for today.”