PinkNews is hosting its inaugural Trans Summit – a three-day event about being trans in the workplace

Text reading PinkNews Trans Summit with a logo of a butterfly in blue and pink

PinkNews is hosting its inaugural Trans Summit, giving trans and non-binary people, charities and businesses a safe space to connect, learn and improve trans rights in the workplace.

Trans and non-binary people face a number of challenges in the workplace, from coming out to connecting with likeminded people.

Recent research found that two in three trans people are still in the closet at work. Of those who are open about their identities, only 51 per cent had a positive reaction from colleagues when they came out.

That’s why PinkNews is launching its inaugural Trans Summit to bring together businesses, charities and individuals to learn, network and connect. You can get tickets to the event here.

Taking place 18-20 May, the Trans Summit will include training sessions, panel discussions and networking to improve access to career opportunities for trans people.

The event is supported by IBM and will feature sessions from trans charities Global Butterflies and Gendered Intelligence.

Against a backdrop of toxic “debate” on their lives and government inaction on their rights, the UK’s transgender population has struggled with increasing mental health issues, which inevitably lead to barriers in the world of work.

In 2018, one report found that one in three employers would not hire a trans person, and almost half were unsure if they would. Other data has found that 90 per cent of trans employees face discrimination at work.

The PinkNews Trans Summit welcomes individuals and organisations that are committed to combatting these inequalities faced by trans people and creating workplaces that are truly inclusive.

Day one of the summit will focus on supporting individuals. The sessions will cover topics such as navigating your career, transitioning at work and parenting.

The second day will be focused on helping businesses to improve their diversity and inclusion practices to support their trans and non-binary staff. Wherever your company is in its inclusion journey, the sessions will offer judgement-free advice on how to implement inclusion policies, supporting trans staff and encouraging authentic allyship.

The third day will bring together individuals, businesses and organisations to network and connect. There will be opportunities to get to know one another, link up with people who share your experiences or want to learn, and build professional relationships. There will also be space to promote any employment opportunities you may have at your company or speak to potential employers about what they’re looking for.

Tickets are available now via this link. Trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and gender-fluid who wish to join the Trans Summit within a personal capacity and do not have the financial means to purchase a ticket can apply for funded access by clicking here.