‘Empowering’ new face mask for people who have periods banishes breakouts and helps hormonal skin

Period Faace is the world's first of its kind to help with period skin.

A brand new face mask has been launched to help deal with skin breakouts during people’s periods.

The world’s first period face mask is from brand Faace and it was launched this year to combat temperamental, hormonal skin.

The Period Faace mask works like a sheet mask, without the unsustainable sheet, and features a blend of hyaluronic acid, green tea, lavender, clary sage, zinc and salicin.

It’s priced at £24 and includes 40 applications of masks, with the brand donating sanitary products to someone in need for every pack sold.

Faace launched the mask at Liberty and Cult Beauty in the first quarter of 2021 and it’s already proven to be a popular product from the sell-out brand.

The aim of the brand is to give consumers a new way to shop for skincare and provide a solution to skin that’s disrupted by every day life, with promises of results after only one use.

“Periods are still a relatively taboo topic and creating something overtly branded as period, felt feministic and empowering,” says Faace founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens.

Period faace, Sweaty faace, Tired faace masks are all hugely popular products from the brand.

Period faace, Sweaty faace, Tired faace masks are all hugely popular products from the brand.

The brand also has other products including Tired Faace which is formulated with caffeine, vitamin C and rosehip to wake up a tired complexion, leaving the skin glossy and glowing.

Then there’s Sweaty Faace which contains argon oil, bergamot and antioxidants to mattify skin and reduce breakouts which is recommended for anyone looking to detoxify after a workout.

Others include three new products, the Menopause Faace, a treatment mask, Dull Face, a creamy cleanser and Dirty Faace, a cleansing wash.

All of the brand’s products are made in the UK, are vegan and 100 per cent plant powered using ethically sourced ingredients.

Plus if you want to get 20 per cent off any mask just use the exclusive code ‘PinkFaace’ during checkout.

This can be used on any product except the three mask bundle, but you can just purchase them separately and still get the discount.

To find out more about Faace and its products head to wearefaace.com.

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