This viral boob tape is helping people feel confident in any look

This boob tape is going viral on TikTok for its cleavage-lifting superpowers.

Going bra-less isn’t just about comfort or making a fashion statement, it’s also a statement of loving your breasts whatever their shape or size. 

And to help you feel free and supported when you’re going au natural, Boobyful Aid has created two signature products – durable boob tape and seamless silicone nipple covers, both of which are sweatproof and waterproof and will last all day. 

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No matter your boob size, the tape allows you to wear strapless, halter, or backless numbers with ease.

Even for those with ample chests, it’s been a godsend – providing support and allowing them to feel confident in going bra-less.

At least, that’s what thousands of TikTokers are claiming on the app, with the #bodytapetutorial hashtag viewed in the millions.

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Helping to boost body confidence was what propelled Julie and Diane, the creators of Boobyful Aid, to start the brand in the first place.

After finding boob tape, both felt their self-esteem flourish and their self-acceptance peak.

“I no longer had the desire to undergo breast enhancement surgery” said Julie. “And Diane stopped dreaming of undergoing a breast reduction surgery.”

The tape is available in clear, black, and nude to suit a variety of outfits. (Boobyful Aid)

The brand sees its products as “a form of self-expression, as it allows [people] to express their personal style and individuality without feeling held back by traditional norms and expectations”.

How does the boob tape work?

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The tape is available in clear, black, and nude to suit a variety of outfits.

Not sure where to begin once you’ve got your outfit picked out? Fear not – the brand has plenty of helpful videos on site (and on its TikTok page) to help get you locked in and lifted in no time at all.

The tape will last for up to eight hours – the longest recommended period of wear.

And once you’re done, simply soak the tape in coconut oil, wait a few minutes for it to dissolve. Then hold your skin down while slowly pulling off the tape with the other hand. (If you have sensitive skin, it pays to do a test strip first.)

What do the reviews say?


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Boobyful Aid’s tape and nipple covers – which are available to purchase individually or as part of a bundle – has rave reviews online from those who swear by them.

“My absolute favourite fashion products!!” said one enthusiast. “The boob tape stays on even after a sweaty eight-hour festival but [it] doesn’t irritate the skin like other brands I’ve tried.”

For another fan, the ease of use makes Boobyful Aid a standout.”Easy to use, easy to apply and remove, no tugging of the skin, [and it] gives a natural looking lift,” they said.

And another devotee praises how seamless the nipple covers are, with no lines visible through garments.

“These are the only covers I have found that are completely invisible and undetectable under clothes. I have tried so many other covers and you can always see them sticking through my shirts, none of them have ever been completely seamless,” they wrote.

Ready to be free? Click here to shop Boobyful Aid’s individual buys and bundles.

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