Harry Styles stuns everyone with his outfit as he accepts BRIT Award – how to copy his iconic look

Harry Styles at the 2021 BRIT Awards wearing a Gucci suit. (Photo by JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images & Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Harry Styles made a surprise appearance at the BRIT Awards last night (11 May) and he was serving looks – to put it mildly.

He took a break from filming his gay policeman drama to pick up the BRIT Award for Best Single for his hit “Watermelon Sugar”, while wearing another unique outfit.

The singer-turned-fashion icon repped a 70s-inspired Gucci suit, embellished with brown and cream squares alongside a matching handbag and trainers.

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of his fans loved the look from the reaction on social media, with one saying: “Harry Styles is really out here serving looks. Damn stop looking like a snack babe.”

Another tweet said: “reminder that this is Harry Styles world and we’re just living in it, ” and there was even a Twitter thread of “things I think Harry Styles keeps in his purse”.

Harry is one of the faces of high fashion brand Gucci, so he probably gets a freebie or two when it comes to award shows.

Most of us can only dream of getting a very expensive suit handed to them by the luxury brand, but there is a way to emulate Harry’s BRIT Awards “Style” on a budget.

Below we’ve but together some pieces that won’t break the bank, but also wouldn’t look out of place in Harry’s wardrobe.

A brown suit from ASOS.

A brown suit from ASOS.

This brown suit might seem a little toned down compared to Harry’s BRITs look but you can jazz it up with a knitted sweater vest and a pearl necklace, both of which are favourites of the singer’s when he’s repping a Gucci suit. This blazer is available from ASOS here and it’s priced at £90.

A colour block suit from ASOS.

If you enjoyed the block colours of Harry’s BRIT Awards suit then you might like this blazer and matching trouser combo from Reclaimed Vintage. It comes in brown, cream and pink colour blocks and can be paired with a T-shirt or shirt. It’s priced at £48 for the blazer and £35 for the trousers and you can get it from ASOS here.

A checkered suit that can be paired with trainers. (ASOS)

This checkered suit is perfect to pair with some trainers, if you want a more casual look than Harry went for at the BRITs with his Gucci suit. The blazer is priced at £40 and the trousers are £25 and they’re by the brand Collusion which is available from ASOS here.

A co-ord suit that’s half check, half striped. (ASOS)

Another unique style is this co-ord from Reclaimed Vintage. It comes in black and white and is checkered on one side and striped on the other with clashing pockets. This could be paired with some big black boots that resemble the pricey ones from Gucci. It’s priced at £60 for the blazer and £35 for the trousers; you can get it from ASOS here.

A multi-coloured pastel vest. (ASOS)

If you want a vest to wear under your suit that wouldn’t look out of place in Harry’s wardrobe then you can get your hands on this multi-coloured pastel one for a bargain price. It costs just £22 and you can get it from ASOS here.

A knitted vest with hearts. (ASOS)

There’s also this cute purple and white one which is covered in hearts from brand Daisy Street. It’s priced at £24.99, comes in sizes six to 16 and it’s available from ASOS here.

A 70s-inspired bag. (ASOS)

Now it’s onto accessories, and as we said earlier fans made a thread of things that Harry might carry in his purse. So we found this brown purse which is a ‘ruched 70s shoulder bag’ that will match some of the suits in this list and also pays homage to the era that Harry’s suits often emulate. It’s priced at £20 and you can get it from ASOS here.

A pearl necklace to pair with a suit. (Etsy)

A pearl necklace to pair with a suit. (Etsy)

Another favourite accessory of Harry’s is a pearl necklace, which he usually pairs with a suit. You can get loads of different styles from the likes of Etsy including the one above which is priced from £5. The website is full of necklaces from independent sellers including plain pearls, or paired with cute medallions like flowers, initials and more. To shop them all go to Etsy here.

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