Neo-Nazi who called for ‘gay purge’ and ‘race war’ found guilty of terrorism

Neo-Nazi Andrew Dymock

Neo-Nazi Andrew Dymock has been found guilty of 15 terror and hate charges after calling for “degenerate” homosexuals to be purged from society.

Andrew Dymock tearfully told jurors “thank you for killing me” as he was found guilty at London’s Old Bailey on Friday (11 June).

The 24-year-old had promoted the banned right-wing group System Resistance Network (SRN) while studying politics at Aberystwyth University between 2017 and 2018.

His trial heard how he used a Twitter account and a website to promote the group, which aimed to “stir up a race war” and “preached zero-tolerance” of non-white, Jewish and Muslim communities and described homosexuality as a “disease”.

Jurors were shown evidence of Dymock’s extreme racist and homophobic views, including a 2017 article he wrote entitled “Homosexuality: the eternal social menace”.

In it he stated that gay people “are simply degenerate and must be purged from society for the greater good”.

He is also said to have believed in what is known as the “Siege” ideology which advocates rape as a political weapon.

Dymock, who wore two LGBT+ pride pins on his lapel as he appeared in court, claimed the accusations of Nazism were at odds with his own sexuality. In multiple police interviews he denied being a Nazi and said he identifies as bisexual.

“I am bisexual but lean towards being homosexual, in direct conflict with Nazism,” he told detectives, insisting that the Nazis were “not far right”.

He denied being behind the accounts and claimed he was “set up” by his now former partner, who he said had failed to recruit him to join the far-right group National Action.

However, a search of his bedrooms at home and university uncovered ample evidence of his Nazi beliefs, including several books, flags, clothes, flags and badges with links to the extreme right wing.

And an examination of Dymock’s computer revealed longstanding extremist views dating back to when he was aged 17, with references to fantasies of “executing f****ts”.

Police found a picture on one of his devices showing a swastika cut into his girlfriend’s buttocks, which he later told detectives he had done using his fingernail.

Despite this, Dymock claimed that all material linking him to content on the sites was “planted in his possession without his knowledge”.

Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward told jurors he was not being prosecuted for holding racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic beliefs, or for his “adherence to a neo-Nazi creed”.

“Rather, he is facing prosecution for his encouragement of terrorist activity, of violence, as a means to shape society in accordance with his beliefs, rather than through free speech and democracy,” she said.

Andrew Dymock was found guilty of five charges of encouraging terrorism, two of fundraising for terrorism, four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, possessing a terrorist document, stirring up racial hatred and hatred based on sexual orientation, and possessing racially inflammatory material.

His mother said: “National Action has done this.”

He is due to be sentenced on 24 June.