Woman shares her parents’ beautiful reaction to her coming out as lesbian with a Pride cake

Sab TikTok coming out lesbian Pride flag cake

A woman has shared her parents’ beautiful reaction to her coming out with a lesbian Pride cake in a now-viral video on TikTok.

TikTok user @_sabrinabailey, who identifies herself as Sab on the video-sharing app, posted her coming out video on Sunday (13 June). The video begins with a picture of a scrumptious-looking kaleidoscope cake, and the words “I made a Pride cake to come out to my parents” appear on the screen.

It then cuts to Sab showing off her cake to her parents. Her father says the cake looks “cool”, and her mom exclaims that it’s a “multi-coloured cake”.

“Yeah, it’s supposed to look like the lesbian flag as part of my coming out to tell you guys that I’m gay,” Sab explains.

Her mom says the news is “awesome”, showers her daughter in kisses and congratulates her daughter on coming out. She then reassures her daughter that they love her while Sab breaks down in tears.

Then, Sab’s mom drops the most adorable line in all of history: “Guess what – I love the babies that have two moms! That’s the best ever!”

Sab captioned the heartwarming video, which had been viewed over 5.5 million times on TikTok, by wishing everyone a “happy Pride“. She added: “Remember to be yourself and love who you wanna love.”


Happy pride babes. Remember to be yourself and love who you wanna love. #pride2021?️‍? #fyp #loveislove #comingout #parents

♬ hope ur ok – Olivia Rodrigo

Strangers from across TikTok commented about the beautiful reaction Sab’s parents had to her coming out and her lesbian Pride cake. One person wrote: “What an amazing coming out. My mom and I are sobbing our eyes out.”

“Congratulations. This is the most wholesome thing I have seen all day,” another person said.

Someone else wrote that Sab’s mother needed to be protected “at all costs”. Sab responded to the comment in another video where she showed off the interior of the coming out cake. She explained in the caption that she “wasn’t going to show” the cake layers because she was “embarrassed”, even adding “#cakefail”.

Sab explains that her brother pointed out that their mom’s laughter at the cake in the original video “makes it sound like she’s kind of being mean about it”. But Sab says: “I just messed up the colours so bad it is not recognisable at all as the lesbian flag.”


Reply to @mel.ochoa #greenscreen THERE WAS AN ATTEMPT! I wasn’t going to show this cause I’m embarrassed but… #cakefail #lgbtq #fypシ #funny ♬ original sound – sab (she/her)

She then shows off the inside of the delicious looking cake while breaking down in laughter. Admittedly, the colours are not readily recognisable as the red, orange, white, pink and purple of the lesbian flag. But it still looks good.

Someone in the comments of the video asked if the cake tasted as “good as it looks”. Sab replied that it tasted so good that her mom is “making me make another cake” because her dad “ate half of it”.