The first-ever official Paralympics game has been released, featuring wheelchair racing and more

The Pegasus Dream Tour

JP Games has announced the release of the first-ever official game for the Paralympics: The Pegasus Dream Tour.

The Pegasus Dream Tour, which is set in the virtual city of Pegasus City, gives players the chance to create an avatar and take part in training and sports.

Creating an avatar called a Mine, which they can make using selfies on their phone, players are offered two sports, boccia and the 100m sprint, with other sports such as wheelchair racing, five-a-side football, and wheelchair basketball scheduled to be added at a later date.

The growth and success of each player’s Mine contribute to the development of Pegasus City.

JP Games

Yuzuru Hanyu – who is one of Japan’s top figure skaters, is the ambassador for the game and makes his video game debut in the title.

“I am honored to have been appointed as the ambassador for The Pegasus Dream Tour,” he said. “As someone who enjoys games and an athlete as well, I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to experience the excitement of the Paralympics through gaming. I will also be appearing as a character in the game, and I hope to meet you in Pegasus City!”

JP Games

Inside the game, players will also find Japanese mascot Kumamon and nine real-life para-athletes. Players are given the chance to complete several quests where they can talk to and challenge the para-athletes. They can also attend the Pegasus Avatar GALA Party and a live event that features popular artists.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is available now for free on Android and iOS.

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