Bake Off star suspended from Grindr for catfishing as… himself

Great British Bake Off star Michael Chakraverty

Great British Bake Off alum Michael Chakraverty has reported that he was suspended from Grindr for a hilarious reason – impersonating himself.

Chakraverty, arguably one of the Great British Bake Off‘s (GBBO) most iconic contestants of all time, posted a screenshot of his suspended Grindr account on Twitter.

“Your account has been reported for impersonating someone else,” read the message, instructing Chakraverty to verify his account if he wished to continue using Grindr.

The GBBO star’s response is such a mood. “Sigh,” he wrote, voicing his exasperation to the internet.

Fans were quick to flood Michael Chakraverty’s mentions with soggy bottom jokes, naturally

The soggy bottom jokes were, of course, a throwback to Chakraverty’s Bake Off elimination, which came after his pastries suffered from the “dreaded soggy bottom” in the Festival Week technical challenge. What else could they have meant?

The baker has taken his Grindr suspension with good humour, it appears.

“New drag queen name, Cat Fisher,” he tweeted.


In the time since appearing on GBBO, Michael Chakraverty has continued to share his passion for all things baked and delicious.

He has produced several baking video for Netflix. In one, he created a tiered rainbow unicorn cake in honour of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie debuting on the streaming platform.

He instructed anyone following along at home to search for eight-inch tins to bake the cake mixture in.

“We all know what eight inches looks like, don’t we?” Chakraverty questioned.

Then, he realised what he said and tilted his head, uttering a cheeky “don’t we” once again.