LGBT+ Twitch streamers raise a record-breaking $30,000 for charity in Midboss Season of Pride event

MidBoss Season of Pride

The MidBoss third annual Season of Pride set a new record for its fundraising streams.

Throughout July, over 70 LGBT+ Twitch streamers from around the world collaborated with MidBoss to raise more than $29,500 in donations from 2.2 million views.

Those funds will be split between eight different LGBT+ and diversity-focused charities: Trans Lifeline, The Trevor Project, GaymerX, Mermaids, Minus18, Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code and Women in Games International.

Streamers included the likes of 8BitDylan, DEERE, MiaByte, Jeff Brutlag, UrbanBohemian and SlicedRaven, who played predominantly LGBT+ games such as Dead by Daylight, The Sims 4, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Kitty Powers’ Love Life and many more.

“Working on behalf of Behaviour with Cade and Season of Pride was a truly lovely experience,” said Mae Morrison, Influencer Manager at Behaviour Interactive, developers of Dead by Daylight

“We had a lot of laughs, raised some money for amazing causes and it was great to partner with an organization that uplifts queer voices all year round.”

“Season of Pride bolsters everything we do at Trans Lifeline, it spreads awareness about our services, it lets trans people see that they are supported by a wonderful community of content creators, and it provides vital funding for our work,” said Bri Barnett, Director of Advancement at Trans Lifeline. 

“The communities on Twitch fund over 15% of our budget annually, it’s impossible to overstate the impact of these events.”

MidBoss is a San Francisco based developer focused on LGBT+ inclusive gaming, responsible for 2064: Read Only Memories and others.

“Our 3rd annual Season of Pride event was a smash! We’re so proud of what we’ve done this year and every year,” said Cade Peterson, MidBoss CEO. 

“It continues to grow and touch hearts and minds of gaymers everywhere, all while bringing together so many amazing people to fundraise for some very deserving charities doing great work to make the world a better place for underserved minorities while promoting positive LGBTQIA+ characters and stories.”

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