DaBaby gloats about being ‘cancelled’ for his homophobia in new rap – without a hint of irony


DaBaby is joking about being “cancelled” for homophobia in a new freestyle rap, because nothing says being “cancelled” like releasing a new song to millions of fans.

The rapper dropped his new track “Whole Lotta Money” on Tuesday (24 August), less than a month after his homophobic rant about HIV and “sucking d**k” at Rolling Loud Festival.

It arrived alongside a music video which opens with a shot of DaBaby crying, holding up tissues to his eyes. “Starring DaBaby Cancelled Ass”, a title card reads.

The 29-year-old appears to obliquely reference the fallout from his Rolling Loud remarks on the track’s opening verse. “N***as think I’m somewhere cryin’ with tissues / Certified, internet or not, I’ll get with you,” he raps.

Per the song’s title, DaBaby keeps his focus on his wealth throughout, rapping about getting a nine-acre estate in 2019, earning eight figures in 2020, and running “laps around all of these n***as just like Sha’Carri Richardson”.

DaBaby continued not being cancelled when he returned to the stage at Hot97’s Summer Jam 2021 in New Jersey on Sunday (22 August).

He opened his set by addressing the backlash with a pre-taped video message shown on the stadium’s screen, which thanked Hot97 for allowing him “to share my gift, share my blessing with y’all out here live on this stage among all the chaos and all the backlash”.

He attempted a limp apology, claiming he “never, ever meant to offend anybody”, before suddenly backtracking to address the crowd live and call his critics “cry babies”.

The rapper then launched into “Cry Baby”, his hit with Megan Thee Stallion.

The double-edged message was hardly surprising from the DaBaby, who previously skirted an apology by insisting that his gay fans “don’t have HIV/AIDS” because they’re not “nasty” or “junkies”.

He later admitted that his comments about people living with HIV were “insensitive”, but also suggested his words had just been “digested wrong”.