Ford proudly unveils ‘very gay’ car with rainbows and glitter designed to shut homophobes up


When a homophobic troll described the new blue Ford Ranger Raptor as “gay”, Ford just upped the ante and created a “Very Gay Raptor” instead.

Ford of Germany unveiled an LGBT+ version of the popular truck on Friday (27 August) in response to a commenter on social media who criticised the ‘Performance Blue’ colour as “gay” and asked them to paint it in “black and gold or camo” instead.

The comment “stopped us in our tracks,” Ford said, so they clapped back with an animation showing what an actual gay car would look like. Then they decided to “take it one step further” and make it for real.

The new and improved “Very Gay Raptor” is adorned in rainbows and gold dust, complete with a pink love heart on the boot.

“‘Very Gay’ was a compliment, right?” the company joked on Twitter.

Explaining the new design, Ford said in a statement that they wanted to “make their position standing against discriminatory speech very clear”.

The 60-hour makeover saw the car wrapped in 30 sq metres of rainbow and gold-glittered Alphafoil.

It’s not the first time Ford’s given its cars an LGBT+ glow-up. The company has long been a fixture of Christopher Street Day, Cologne’s version of Pride, and back in 1998 they wrapped a Ford KA in rainbow colours to commemorate the first time they participated in the parade.

Both cars were on full display as the city celebrated Pride over the weekend, with the “Very Gay Raptor” used as the official Ford vehicle for the parade.