Angelina Jolie amazed by 13-year-old trans activist: ‘You’ve taught me something’

Angelina Jolie meets with Emily Waldron on the One Show

Angelina Jolie was left amazed by trans 13-year-old and LGBT+ activist Emily Waldron in an appearance on The One Show.

Jolie, known for her humanitarian work, appeared on The One Show on Thursday (2 September) to discuss a guide she has been working on with Amnesty International which aims to help children “know and claim” their rights.

During the show, Jolie met with 17-year-old Christina Adane, who has campaigned for the provision of free school meals, and 13-year-old Waldron, who sends LGBT-themed books to schools and charities across the UK to help prevent feelings of isolation among queer youth.

Waldron told Jolie: “As you may or may not know, I am transgender, I’ve been working on collecting LGBTQ+ books for schools and charities.”

Angelina Jolie was amazed by Waldron’s work, and said: “Emily, you’ve taught me something.”

“There’s a few schools I work on internationally and you know I honestly haven’t really checked the libraries specifically for representation.

“I’m going to do that as soon as we get off this call.”

Emily Waldron’s mother said seeing her daughter chat with Angelina Jolie was ‘surreal’

Posting on Twitter about her daughter’s TV appearance, Emily Waldron’s mother wrote: “To be honest I don’t know what to say!! Watching my daughter sit chatting to Angelina Jolie has got to be the most surreal moment ever!!!

“I’m always proud of Emily but today it’s off the scale.”

She also responded to criticism of her daughter’s activism, tweeting: “Emily remembers with painful clarity how awful she felt when she thought that she was the only person in the entire world just like her. This has never left her.

“She also has a huge sense of empathy and is a very kind and giving soul.

“Emily has a supportive family, wonderful friends and is completely accepted in our community. It would of been very easy for Emily to blend into the background and get on with her life.

“But the hate and discrimination towards the LGBT+ community coupled with how she felt lit a fire that will not be extinguished.

“She gives up a lot of her own free time, time she could be spending being a kid and enjoying life… What does she get out of campaigning [is], well, knowing that she is doing the right thing and doing her part to make the world a better place.”