12-year-old gamer goes viral for calling out his friend’s homophobia: ‘That’s so f****d up’

A 12-year-old sits on a wooden chair playing video games

A Tiktoker’s brother has given a masterclass in eviscerating homophobic video gamers – and he’s only 12.

In two viral TikToks which has been viewed millions of times, the younger brother of user @BumbleBee__ happily plays the video game Call of Duty: Warzone when he encounters something so common for many queer gamers, discrimination.

As the first clip shows, the brother can be seen having an intense argument with a friend about him being homophobic.

“So, you just blatantly admit to being homophobic?” he asks one of his friends through a headset, who presumably confirms they know this as the brother then says: “You know that this means that I automatically don’t like you?

“Because that’s really f**ked up?”

@bummblebee__that’s my boy #brothers #homophobia #lgbt #A+♬ original sound – LittleCanary

TikToker’s brother shows how to put a homophobe in their place

He then asks his friend if they are joking before revealing that his sister, who filmed the exchange, is gay herself. The clip then ends.

“I’m glad he’s starting to learn from my civil rights bants,” @BumbleBee_ wrote in the caption of the video.

But the class on dealing with homophobes is still in session as, in the second TikTok, he can be seen grilling his friend further.

“She’s gay,” he says of her sister, “and you blatantly said you don’t support gay people.” The brother then explains what the LGBT+ acronym stands for, which stands for “more than just gay” and that not all trans folk are gay either.

“I genuinely do care and I want to have this argument,” he adds. @BumbleBee__ wrote in the caption: “That’s my boy.”

Speaking to The Daily Dot, @BumbleBee__ said she was “proud” of their brother for standing up to his own friends for being homophobic. “It was really nice knowing that he listens,” they told the outlet.

But they added that their little brother was “really p****d off” at the end of the argument, which he said didn’t go exactly well.

“It’s not that difficult to explain these things to kids,” @BumbleBee_ continued.

“A lot of younger kids, after you explain things to them, are way more polite and will follow pronouns more than older adults.”