Drag Race UK’s Elektra Fence defends Krystal Versace after werk room controversy

Elektra Fence promotional picture

RuPaul said goodbye to another queen this week – but not before she claimed her place in the Drag Race meme hall of fame.

Elektra Fence, the gay group chat turned sentient drag queen, made Drag Race UK herstory multiple times last night.

The first queen to turn up on the runway dressed as Gandalf. Or was it Superman’s mum? The first queen to do whatever in Beysus’ name she was doing with her legs during that lip sync. The first queen to jump from the stage and basically land on RuPaul’s face.

She may not have won the crown, but Elektra certainly won hearts with her deadpan confessionals, baffling dance moves and genuine heart. After her elimination, PinkNews caught up with “the pocket rocket of UK drag” to talk wizards, sisterhood, and that powerful werk room chat about body image and bullying.

PinkNews: How are you feeling after last night?

Elektra Fence: Absolutely shattered. That lip-sync turned me out!

How are your legs in one piece?

I’ve been doing those moves since I was a little kid so my legs are used to it. I think I’m on my 17th knee replacement.

It was incredible. Are you feeling proud?

Yeah, I’m very proud. And I wouldn’t have wanted to go up against anyone else. I’m glad Vanity sent me home.

Let’s talk about that runway: why did you come dressed as a wizard?

Oh my god, you nasty bitch [laughs]. I wanted to be Gandalf the Grey. I love the memes.

Do you think the judges were fair or were they being a bit harsh?

Very, very ‘arsh. No, I accepted the comments. I agree with the comments about the outfit. Since doing Drag Race my drag has changed so much, my looks have changed. My performance is still the same because I love performing and it’s always gonna be like that. But I think my looks are upgraded, more Krystal Versace if you want to call it that. You could say I’m the look queen of season three, to be honest.

When will we get to see these looks?

When I do All Stars – when I win.

The chat you all had in the werk room about body image this week was really lovely, how was it watching that back?

It was tough. I’ve got so many friends just like Victoria and it’s a difficult conversation to have, you’ve got to have strong balls to do that. I applaud Victoria so much. To talk about her issues I thought was beautiful, and obviously that started my conversation about my freckles, and the amount of messages that I’ve received about that is absolutely beautiful. The love that I’m receiving as well, it fills my heart up. And obviously Anna Wintour’s messaged me saying she wants me on the cover of Vogue to do a nude topless shoot. I’ve obviously declined it.

Is the sisterhood going strong? Is the group chat going off?

Always, constantly, every day. The girls have individually messaged me and in the group, sending so much love. Every single one of us, all 12 of us, are really close and we all stick up for each other. So if any other person comes for our sisters we’re not having it.

Well a few people were coming for Krystal after what she said to Victoria.

If people are coming for her they obviously didn’t watch the rest of the episode. She apologised, she realised what she said was wrong, and that’s all that matters. Sorry is a very strong word. If you own up to something, it’s great. People just need to get off the keyboards and go have a sausage roll.

Let’s revisit the moment that kicked all that off. Let’s pretend it was you up there doling out those cards. Who would you have chosen as your biggest competition?

Vanity Milan.

Bargain bin: trashiest queen.

Charity. She loves a bargain!

Hot deal: trade of the season.

It’s got to be me! No… I’m not going to say Ella, I’m not blowing smoke up her bum. I’d say River. Or Victoria, Victoria’s hot.

Out of Date: totally irrelevant.

Ooh, this is a good one. I’m gonna go with Kitty Scott-Claus.

BOGOF: who do you think’s going next?

I’m keeping it. Bog off Justine Littlewood, it’s mine!

Bonus question: who did you have up your sleeve for Snatch Game?

Up my wizard’s sleeve! I was gonna be Jane McDonald or Tracey Beaker. Or Princess Margaret.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is streaming now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes released Thursdays at 7pm.