‘Cannibal teacher’ who ‘ate lover after sex’ hid victim’s penis so it wouldn’t out him as gay

Cannibal hid victim's penis so it wouldn't out him as gay

A “cannibal teacher” accused of eating his lover’s body after sex has admitted that he hid the man’s penis as he didn’t want people to know he was gay.

Stefan R, 42, stands accused of killing, dismembering and eating Stefan Trogisch, 43, in Berlin in an incident that occurred on 6 September 2020.

Speaking in court, Stefan R claimed that he and Trogisch first met through a dating app. The deceased then went to Stefan R’s apartment to have sex.

According to the accused, Trogisch subsequently died in his sleep on the sofa. Stefan R claimed that he did not call emergency services “because it would have come out that I am homosexual”, according to German newspaper Bild.

He said he decided to dispose of the body – and opted to separate Trogisch’s genitals “since my DNA could still have possibly been present due to the oral sex I performed”.

Trogisch was subsequently reported missing and some of his body parts were discovered in various parts of the city. His penis has still not been recovered.

Gay ‘cannibal teacher’ purchased butcher knives and a bone saw before date

The court heard that Stefan R – who teaches maths – purchased a set of butcher knives in advance of his date and also bought a bone saw, which he left next to a cupboard in his bedroom.

He also erected a sex swing in the living room and put a sign on the window ledge that read: “Instructions for emasculating and slaughtering a person.”

Furthermore, he reportedly searched terms associated with cannibalism on the dark web such as “long pig” and “fatten and slaughter people” before Trogisch arrived at his residence.

The court heard that Stefan R purchased a freezer five days before he met Trogisch through a dating app. When his sister asked what it was for, he said it was to store pizza.

Stefan R was charged with the murder of Trogisch in May after 25kg of sodium hydroxide was discovered in his apartment. The substance was described as being “suitable for dissolving human tissue”.

Police also found traces of the victim’s blood in the hallway of his apartment.

A verdict in the trial is expected on 20 October.