The best SAD lamps to get you through the long, dark winter nights from Amazon, Argos and more

The best SAD lamps to help you through the winter season.

SAD lamps are an increasingly popular way to help improve mental health during the colder, darker winter months.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes sadness or depression when the seasons change, most commonly during autumn and winter.

The days become shorter, so our exposure to much-needed sunlight decreases, which has a knock-on affect to our mental health.

A popular and affordable way to combat SAD is light boxes – also known as SAD lamps or light therapy lamps.

They can reduce symptoms and provide relief by replicating natural daylight, which many of us miss out on during winter.

There’s plenty of models to choose from, with those specifically designed for office desks to alarms and portable and lightweight SAD lamps.

We’ve put together a list of SAD lamps that won’t break the bank to help you get through the winter months.

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This SAD lamp is also an alarm that wakes you up with natural light

This SAD lamp is also an alarm that wakes you up with natural light. (Amazon)

This SAD lamp from Lumie is a popular choice because it’s also an alarm. It wakes you up with gradual sunrise, with a duration between 15 and 90 minutes before a final light intensity. Plus you can add a sound or radio alarm for the morning, or just keep it as a light.

Other features include a fading sunset for when you want to wind down and go to sleep, Bluetooth speakers, a seven-day alarm setting and more than 20 sleep and wake sounds to choose from.

This one is available from Amazon.

A portable SAD lamp.

A portable SAD lamp. (Amazon)

This portable SAD lamp comes with three adjustable light temperatures: day light, natural light and warm light. It also has five adjustable brightness levels and step less dimming as well as a timer and memory function, so you can retain your preferred brightness on your next use.

The lamp is currently on sale and you can get it for £25.49 from Amazon.

This adjustable SAD lamp comes with a travel case.

This adjustable SAD lamp comes with a travel case. (Amazon)


This SAD lamp resembles a tablet device and is ideal if you’re travelling at all during the winter months, as it’s light weight and comes with a travel bag. Plus it also has an adjustable stand so you can place it on your desk, bedside table and more.

This one is priced at £41.99 and is available from Amazon.

It’s from the brand Beurer, who also have a SAD lamp design that has a fold out stand and the option to be wall-mounted. This one is priced at £72 and available from Argos.

Another portable SAD lamp.

Another portable SAD lamp. (Amazon)

This portable SAD lamp has three brightness settings, four timer settings and can also be connected with a USB port, so you can set it up to your laptop or desktop.

It’s a popular choice among customers, with one saying it’s “helped me feel better in the dark wintery mornings” and another saying they “turn on the lamp on my bedside table for 20 minutes and I’m set for the day”.

This one is also on the cheaper end of the scale at £29.99 from Amazon.

A SAD light desklamp.

A SAD light desklamp. (John Lewis)

This SAD light desk lamp from Lumie is on the higher end of the price mark, at £144.

It’s a popular choice because it’s an office-suitable design to help improve workplace well-being. So it’s ideal to sit on your desk whether you’re working from home or in the office.

It features variable touch control lighting and provides contrast for reading and task lighting. It’s recommended to start off with 30 minutes a day and increase exposure if you need to, until you find a treatment time that works for you.

The desk lamp is available to buy from Amazon and John Lewis.