Brian Cox left ‘agog’ by ‘beautiful’ Brad Pitt on Troy set: ‘I’m straight but I thought… wow!’

Brian Cox alongside Brad Pitt in Troy

Brian Cox has recalled being left in awe of Brad Pitt’s beauty when the pair shot the 2004 historical war drama, Troy, together.

The seasoned actor, who currently stars in the hit series Succession, is better known for making scathing honest remarks about his fellow Hollywood stars these days after he recently slammed the likes of Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino.

However, it seems the Braveheart actor has nothing but praise when it comes to Pitt.

During a career retrospective interview of Variety magazine, the 75-year-old remembered the moment he first saw Brad Pitt on set.

“I remember at one point being agog at Brad,” Cox recalled. “He’d never been in costumes like that… Brad walked on set and my jaw was down because he was so stunningly beautiful.”

He added: “I’m straight but I thought, ‘Wow, my God! This guy is stunning.’ What chance does one have on the screen against this beautiful, beautiful man?”

Considering the fact Brad Pitt had already won People‘s Sexiest Man Alive award twice by the time Troy was made, it’s doubtful Cox was the only person who reacted that way on set.

Cox starred as King Agamemnon of Mycenae in the historical film which centred on the Trojan War referenced in Homer’s Iliad.

Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean and Rose Byrne also starred alongside Cox and Pitt in the hit film, which made more than $497 million worldwide.