Abbott Elementary fans praise refreshingly casual gay teacher reveal: ‘Shows could learn from this’

Chris Perfetti in Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary viewers are praising the sitcom for avoiding stereotypical plot points when confirming the sexuality of one of the main characters.

The ABC sitcom, created by and starring social media star Quinta Bronson, follows teachers at an underfunded school in Philadelphia and has already drawn comparisons to hit comedies such as The Office.

After eight episodes of seeing Bronson’s character, Janine Teagues, interacting with her friend and co-worker Jacob Hill (played by Chris Perfetti), the series revealed that Jacob had a boyfriend Janine didn’t know about.

The revelation left Janine feeling unhappy, however, it wasn’t for any homophobic reason, and instead saw the character freaking out about the fact her work BFF had not been sharing personal information with her like she assumed he would.


At a time where LGBT+ educators aren’t always free to be open about their sexuality at work, viewers were quick to praise the refreshing way in which the character’s relationship status was revealed.

One wrote: “Hol up hol up hoool up I didn’t know Jacob is gay. The show is so well written, they didn’t give the gay guy the stereotypical gay guy attributes ???  Abbott Elementary my favorite show this year fr.”

“So back to Abbott Elementary… I really appreciate how they didn’t make Jacob’s sexuality a thing,” another added. “They made it about him being in a surprise relationship – not about him being in a same sex relationship. A lot of shows could learn from this. Goddam I love this show.”

One fan tweeted: “I love how Jacob is gay but it’s not something that had to be mentioned and he ain’t like no walking rainbow flag.”

“But like i love how Jacob being gay isn’t a plot point or a thing its just a fact ?,” another added.

The wholesome half-hour comedy has been going from strength to strength since it premiered in December as fans are given a look at the daily struggles of the well-meaning teachers and their tone-deaf principal (played by Janelle James).

The cast also includes sitcom veterans Sheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha) and Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) as well as Parent Trap star Lisa Ann Walter.