Donald Trump tells supporter he ‘doesn’t look gay’

LGB Republican holds banner that reads 'Gays for Trump'

Speaking at a fundraiser for John Gibbs, a Republican conspiracy theorist running to be a Michigan representative, Donald Trump told a supporter: “You don’t look gay.”

Gibbs, who is hoping to represent Michigan’s third congressional district, has multiple times supported a conspiracy theory that claimed John Podesta, Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, took part in Satanic rituals.

According to CNN, Gibbs also defended radio host Ricky Vaughn after he was banned from Twitter for anti-Semitism, and has described Democratic Party as the party of “Islam, gender-bending, anti-police”.

Nevertheless, Trump has given Gibbs a glowing endorsement, describing him as a “fabulous talent”.

However, his support of Gibbs may have slightly more to do with the fact that his opponent, Peter Meijer, voted to impeach Trump in January, 2021, after he incited the Capitol riots.

During Trump’s speech at the fundraiser, an audience member shouted: “Gays for Trump!”

Confused, Trump looked around and asked: “Where’s Gays for Trump?”

When the person who shouted raised their hand, Trump said: “You don’t look gay.”

“We did great with the gay population as you know,” he added.

In case anyone needed reminding, Trump did the opposite of “great with the gay population” during his time in office, launching 180 attacks on the LGBT+ community and  fostering a rise in homophobic rhetoric that led to record highs in hate crimes.

Some of the anti-LGBT+ measures he took as president included banning trans people from serving in the US military, pushing for the courts to legalise discrimination against LGBT+ people and trying to deny US citizenship to the children of same-sex parents.

But Peter Boykin, founder of Gays for Trump, told Newsweek that the group loves the former president because they are against the “leftist agenda that has infiltrated the gay community”.

He accused the left-wing LGBT+ community of “pushing for the grooming of children in schools, teetering on pro-paedophilia topics”, and said the person in the crowd probably didn’t “look gay” because that “look is a stereotype that fits more with leftist LGBTs”.