Doctor Who fans overjoyed as the Doctor confesses love for Yaz: ‘It’s the best thing in the world’

The 13th Doctor and companion Yasmin Khan, known as Thasmin

After endless teasing, Doctor Who has finally confirmed that the 13th Doctor and companion Yasmin Khan – known as Thasmin – are absolutely queer for each other.

Fans had been promised some “delicately” handled queer romance in the show’s Easter special episode on Sunday 17 April, titled “Legend of the Sea Devils“, after romantic tension between Yaz and the Doctor reached fever pitched throughout Jodie Whittaker’s era helming the show.

Luckily, Doctor Who show runner Chris Chibnall finally delivered in Whittaker’s penultimate episode in the role.

During the climax of the action, as the Doctor manically worked to flood the Earth and defeat the Sea Devils, she referenced a comment made earlier in the episode, and told Yasmin (Mandip Gill): “You know what I said earlier, about not being a bad date?

“Dates are not something I really do. I mean I used to. Have done. And if I was going to, believe me: it would be with you.

“I think you’re one of the greatest people that I’ve ever known… If it was going to be anyone, it’d be you. But I can’t.”

Questioned on this by Yaz, she added: “There’s no point. Time always runs out.”

The moment explicitly confirmed for the first time that Yasmin’s feelings for the Doctor were reciprocated, after she experienced a queer awakening in Doctor Who‘s New Year special.

In the episode’s final scene, Thasmin’s relationship was addressed again as the pair sat on a beach.

The Doctor told Yasmin: “I can’t fix myself to anything, anywhere, or anyone. I’ve never been able to. That’s what my life is.

“Not because I don’t want to, because I might. But if I do fix myself to somebody, I know sooner or later it’ll hurt… Can we just live in the present of what we have, while we still have it?”

In the episode’s final moment, Yasmin urges The Doctor to make a wish with a skimming stone, and the Doctor says out loud: “I wish this could go on forever.”

Having waited for so long, fans were overjoyed by the episode, with one writing: “We all know Thasmin won’t last, it’s just how Doctor Who works.

“It’s gonna be sad and we’re all gonna cry but the fact that they handled Thasmin so delicately and with so much care and brought on queer writers…That’s the best thing in the world. They really cared.”

Commenting on the beach scene,  another added: “I honestly believe this is potentially the best scene from 13 yet. The acting from Jodie and Mandip is just perfect.

“It’s performed beautifully. If this is where Thasmin ends, it’s a stunning ending.”