Married at First Sight UK hopes to ‘break down stereotypes’ with first-ever lesbian couple

Two female presenting people, who are presumed to be in a lesbian or queer relationship, face each other while wearing wedding dresses as one person puts a ring on the other's hand

Married at First Sight UK is set to welcome its first female same-sex couple in the reality TV show’s eagerly-anticipated new season.

The hit “social experiment” series sees complete strangers paired up by relationship experts and meet for the very first time on their wedding day. The couples live together for a period of time under the experts’ watchful eyes as they try to make their relationship work or realise they’re better off single. 

Last year, the Channel 4 show welcomed its first-ever gay male couple, marking a tremendous milestone for LGBTQ+ representation on the beloved show. 

Now, Married at First Sight UK is breaking barriers once again as it is reportedly including two lesbians in its upcoming season. Filming for the new series has started so fans can expect to see the first episode drop sometime this summer. 

An insider told Metro that “everyone who works on the show” is “excited” to feature the lesbian contestants and hopes that including the queer couple will help “break down some stereotypes”. 

“It’s another small milestone for the series when it comes to diversity and inclusivity,” the insider said. “The hope is that including a lesbian couple will break down some stereotypes.”

One source told the Daily Star that both women are “really likeable” and they said the show’s bosses “think they are going to be really popular”. 

Two people, who appear to be female presenting, wear white wedding clothes including a dress and suit while cutting a white cake and holding hands

Sources hope that the first-ever lesbian couple featured on Married at First Sight UK will “break down some stereotypes”. (Pexels)

Matthew Jameson and Daniel McKee, Married at First Sight UK’s first gay couple, amassed a massive following as fans watched their love story unfold, and the couple have continued their relationship after the show ended. 

McKee told OK! Magazine in October that he had “no regrets” about appearing on the show and “loved every minute of it” as “we got matched very well”. 

He added that having a gay couple on Married at First Sight UK was a “long time coming” and felt “privileged” to have been able to be part of the historic moment, “especially for Northern Ireland” as “it’s had a bit of a bad rep at times”. 

“It was only last year that gay marriage was legalised here, so if I can fly the flag, I’ll do that 100 times over,” McKee said. “The cast were so supportive. To have the heterosexuals cheering for us was amazing.”


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The lesbian couple will be a first for Married at First Sight UK, but LGBTQ+ contestants have been regularly featured across the reality series’ wider franchise. 

In 2020, Tash Herz was the first lesbian contestant to feature on Married at First Sight Australia as she looked for true love. She was paired with Amanda Micallef, but their marriage eventually came to an end. 

The pair revealed they were bombarded with “blazing” homophobia after the promo for their season dropped before it aired in the US. Herz said the vile response from US viewers “makes me real proud of the response” from Australian fans of the reality series. 

Last year’s season of the Australian spin-off saw Liam Cooper – the show’s first bisexual groom – be paired with Georgia Fairweather. Sadly, Cooper was outed at his own wedding and suffered vile abuse from his co-star Jason Engler after the show.