Trans man’s grandpa melts hearts with beautiful gesture of support: ‘He is setting an example’

Trans man's grandpa melts hearts with beautiful gesture of support

A grandfather updating his family photos after his grandson came out as trans has melted the internet’s collective heart.

Nicolás Cazorla Fernández shared a video of the adorable moment to TikTok, explaining: “My grandpa wanted to change my pre-transition picture.”

The heartwarming video shows his grandfather removing an old photo of him at his graduation and replacing it with a newer photo. It ends with Cazorla Fernández saying he deserved a “grandpa of the year” award.

“He is the only one who has never messed up,” he wrote in the caption.

Newsweek reported that the South Carolina-based TikToker shared the video after a visit to his family in Spain. He explained that his grandfather asked him for a new photo.

“I posted this specifically because a lot of trans youth are scared about what their family members will think or do when they come out,” Cazorla Fernández told the outlet.

“I was certainly worried about that too. I posted the video to show that it isn’t a generational issue – that being old isn’t an excuse to be unsupportive of family you are supposed to love.”


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Cazorla Fernández said that his grandpa “never flinched once” when he came out.

“It’s reasonable that people mess up your pronouns or accidentally deadname you when you come out, but he didn’t have any issue. He has never flinched once,” he said.

“As an older person he is setting an example for the rest of the world. It means a lot to me.”

Cazorla Fernández added that when his grandpa switched the photos, he “smiled like an idiot”.

After years of criticism, TikTok is finally on its way to becoming a safe platform for LGBTQ+ creators, banning deadnaming and misgendering trans people in February.

In the update to its community guidelines, the social media platform banned misgendering, deadnaming and misogyny, as well as all content that promotes conversion therapy.

Cormac Keenan, head of trust and safety at TikTok, said in a statement at the time that these “ideologies have long been prohibited” on the app, but the update would make the bans explicit.

“On top of this, we hope our recent feature enabling people to add their pronouns will encourage respectful and inclusive dialogue on our platform,” Keenan said.